Advantages Of Switching To E-Cigarettes


  The dangers of smoking are already well-known, most people being aware of the over 7,000 potentially harmful chemicals in the cigarette smoke. There are many other benefits to switching to e-cigarettes. They are the best substitute for smoking, as they are safer and less expensive. The following list details the most important advantages of making the switch. There’s no ash generated in the e-cigarette smoking process. As e-cigarettes work by vaporizing a liquid that contains nicotine, they don’t burn, so they don’t generate any ash. By switching, you’ll get…

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Find out all about how The Sure Bettor can make you GUARANTEED money!

The Sure Bettor

What is Matched Betting? Matched betting is hands down the best way to make money online. In one sentence matched betting is a risk-free betting technique taking advantage of bookmakers free bets and promotions. The betting industry is incredibly competitive and each bookmaker is continually trying to get ahead. They do this by offering free bets and promotions to new and existing customers in the hope that they’ll place more bets with them. This is brilliant for matched bettors as we can make a guaranteed profit from these offers and…

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Navigating a Personal Injury Claim

Picture this scene…   You’re driving along, down a reasonably busy road with the radio playing and a smile on your face. Your calm, alert and in complete control of your vehicle, with your eyes darting from one potential hazard to the next. The little boy across the street kicks his ball into the road? No need to swerve, you’ve noticed it in plenty of time. An oncoming car swings wide to overtake a parked vehicle? No problem, all you need is the mildest of taps on the brake.  …

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5 things Profit Squad do better than other Matched Betting companies

Profit Squad

    When you are trying to choose which Matched Betting company to use there are lots of different things to consider. From price to the size of the community there are without doubt a whole host of factors for you to consider when choosing which company to give you money to each month. Profit Squad have been kind enough to give us a peak behind their paywall to show us 5 amazing things Profit Squad does better than anyone else!   The most organised money making strategy around! There…

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Make sure you’re prepared for the TRUE cost of owning a house!

Anyone that owns a house will know just how much money they cost to keep running. It doesn’t matter if it’s a new build or a 100 year old restored cottage soon enough the list of odd jobs that need doing will start growing at an alarming rate. We’ve lived in our house for about 8 years now and in the very first month we had a step go through on the stairs, the toilet broke and we had a garage door that just would not shut no matter how…

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The UK Pension Map


Pensions can be a scary thing when you are young. It’s very much a ‘I’ll sort it tomorrow!’ type thing that seems to never really get done until you get forced into taking one through your workplace. That was certainly the case for me as information about Pensions just seemed to go in one ear and out the other in my early 20s! It appears though not everyone is like me and some people like to start their pensions off as early in life as possible. The guys and gals…

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How I’ve made over £25,000 so far doing RISK FREE Matched Betting AND YOU CAN TOO!

Matched Betting win

Anyone that looks into working from home world will have seen a mention or 10 of Risk Free Matched Betting. It’s without question the number 1 fastest way to earn the most money in the shortest amount of time. I started my Matched Betting journey back in the summer of 2015 with only £50 and have never put more money in. I sounds crazy but it’s 100% true and as time went on and I did more and more risk free offers my bank account just got bigger and bigger.…

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6 Ways To Get Perfume Samples For Free

6 Ways To Get Perfume Samples For Free Most people do not know that they can get free samples of the popular perfume brands from the perfume shops and fragrance providers. They provide free samples by sending out sample tubes and even full sized tubes of their popular products to potential customers in the hope that these customers will buy that particular brand or a similar perfume in the future. Fragrance companies do not lose any money by sending out these samples for free. These fragrances are produced by these…

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How Document Scanning can save Money for Small Businesses


How Document Scanning can save Money for Small Businesses Scanning has been around for years. But today’s progression in technology has seen some extremely well-designed and complex scanners that can do all kinds of clever and useful things. Many workplaces have scanners, but some small businesses may have doubts about how cost-effective they actually are. When you’re looking over £500 for an all singing all dancing machine, and with so many to choose from, it is tempting to wonder whether everything would just be better as the paper documents that…

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The Money Shed UK Blogger Subforum – A MUST USE tool for any blogger!

UK Bloggers

If you are just starting out in the world of blogging it can be hard to get your feet under the table so to speak. You write great content and you put it up on your blog but what you really want after that are some eyeballs to notice it.       The Money Shed has been running a subforum dedicated to bloggers in the UK for quite a number of years now and it has some fantastic threads in it that act as great tools to any new…

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Moving House: Managing Your Finances

Moving house is difficult for a huge number of reasons. It can be emotionally challenging – leaving a home that you love can be hard, even if you know you’re moving onto bigger and better, and if you’re leaving an area that you know well, it can be even harder. It can be physically challenging, consuming a lot of time and a lot of your physical energy – packing up everything you own and unpacking it can definitely be problematic. Finally, it can also be financially difficult – but luckily…

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Combining TopCashBack and Online Bingo to earn BIG money

topcashback bingo

Anyone that follows me social media will know I’m a big fan of TopCashBack. I use it whenever I can to get back some of the cost of my purchase no matter what it is. I’m also regularly posting NEW MEMBER offers on our where you can get some fantastic stuff for free just by signing up to use TCB! A few years ago I discovered there was a great way to earn money using TopCashBack and Bingo sites. It’s not rocket science to be fair and you aren’t asked…

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Bloggers behold! The days of endlessly scheduling your social media updates are over with SocialOomph


Anyone that runs a blog will know the time vacuum that is scheduling social media. It doesn’t matter if it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest you will end up spending an amazing amount of time designing and scheduling your content. Over the years of running The Money Shed I can’t count how many times I have dreaded when the time has come around for me to schedule all my social media and 90% of the dread was from the fact that I was just having to repeat the same action…

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Which Type of Car Finance is Right for You?

  In today’s society, there are so many different types of car finance out there; that it can be difficult to know which one is right for you. It’s never been easier to get the car of your dreams, but you have to make sure that you can afford the repayments and you understand the finance agreement, or you could end up with a lot of debt. PCP Personal Contract Purchase agreements structure monthly repayments into affordable amounts, which can sometimes be even less than £100 a month. You will…

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The Important Steps To Being Financially Stable

There’s a bit of a Catch 22 situation when you are trying to save money but have debts to pay off at the same time. You may be thinking that it’s worth just putting everything that you save into getting yourself out of the debt, but this often isn’t the case. Although it may be fine to reduce the debt as you go along, there is a safety net that you will need to enforce when you are back to being financially stable. Storing away a little bit each month…

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Top Tips For Quick Returns On Property Investment


As a rule, it’s always best to view investment in property as a long-term plan. Given the fact that in the short-term, property valuations can fluctuate far more than when you play the long game, it seems to make total sense. That said, there are some techniques you can use to buy and sell within a matter of months, and still make a nice profit. In today’s guide, we’re going to go through a few different ways you can make this tactic happen, and also make it fruitful for your…

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Five Ways To Save Money When Hiring Experts


There are times in life when we need a bit of help. While there’s an awful lot of things we can DIY and figure out for ourselves, sometimes, we need to outsource part of the process to someone with more training than we have.   While it may be necessary, this can often be an uncomfortable process for those of us who are concerned with ensuring we always get the best deal. Given that we don’t specifically understand the cost of some of these tasks, we don’t really know if…

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Dealing with Financial Emergencies


It can happen to anyone in life; you feel like everything’s going just fine financially until you are suddenly hit with an unexpected bill or financial emergency. While it is very difficult to predict when it could happen to you, the only thing you can do is to be prepared. Setting aside some money for a rainy day should be part of your long-term financial plan so you are able to deal with whatever life throws at you. Here are a few ways that you can better prepare yourself for…

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Affording Better Holidays This Year

Would you like to take your family on a life-changing holiday this year? Are you struggling to work out how you could afford such a trip? Then you need to consider some of the tips and advice on this page. In most instances, you could save a fortune by making straightforward changes. You don’t have to work hard, and there’s no need for extensive research. You just have to apply some of the suggestions in this article to your life. If you do that, you could keep more cash in…

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