Current Matched Betting company sign up offers

Matched Betting company sign up offers

With the football season just around the corner I thought it was important to take a look at a number of FANTASTIC offers that various Matched Betting companies are offering at the moment to grab you custom as they guide you through the process of making THOUSANDS of pounds. As ever if you want to read my journey to making £25,000 from Matched Betting you can do so here. Profit Accumulator £1 for 3 days full premium access Sign up here Profit Accumulator Compare The Matched Betting Review OddsMonkey £1…

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Why the best interest rate, isn’t always the best decision for your money!


Money and what we do with it is a hot topic in the UK at the moment and with good reason. People’s opinions on what you do with your hard-earned money are as diverse and divisive as those that surround Brexit. Will we be heading towards a bright new tomorrow or utter financial apocalypse? Often in cases such as these it is best to look towards the middle ground. Here you will find the majority of Britons confused and planted firmly on the fence. One thing we can all agree…

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How to Make Sure Divorce Doesn’t Ruin Your Finances

  Divorce isn’t easy, and being made poorer as a result of your breakup won’t help things. While the immense emotional turmoil of a divorce will require a lot of attention, it’s important not to lose sight of finances as well. In fact, mental health and finances are intimately linked, with financial worry being a common trigger for depression, stress and anxiety issues. It’s not selfish to focus on or care about about your finances during a divorce. It’s the sensible thing to do. Knowing more about the financial elements…

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The Health Benefits of Vaping Vs Smoking

If you smoke, then you’re probably already more than aware of the dangers of this habit. Smoking is very addictive and most smokers know the kind of risks that it holds for their health. But, did you know that each year, tobacco is the reason for the deaths of around six million people worldwide? Although public health efforts to encourage smokers to quit and put young people off taking up the habit has managed to reduce the number of smokers around the world, the situation is far from where it…

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The Reasons Millennials Are Choosing to Invest In Pre-Owned Watches

It seems that every day now, another article or piece of commentary appears about how Millennials are destroying commercial institutions. From killing napkins to destroying marriage, the youngest cohorts of today have gotten a bad rap for doing things differently than previous generations. A plethora of changes in the world are forcing people to live, eat, think and work differently, so it comes as no surprise that there are monumental changes occurring in society today. Ultimately, not everything has to be turned on its head, and in fact, many Millennials…

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Is Your Capital At Risk? How To Protect Your Money


  No matter where you keep your money, you need to try to keep it safe. None of us wants to end up in a nightmare scenario in which we lose our capital and end up in a real mess, counting the cost financially and emotionally. But what can we do to look after our assets to avoid this? Here are some things you ought to know when it comes to protecting your money: Have a proper investment plan Any investor should prepare a proper plan for their portfolio. There…

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The Best Way to Monetize Websites in 2017

  In 2017, there are more ways to make money online than ever. However, with so many strategies to turn the website your love into a source of income, knowing which monetization model to use can be difficult. While not every monetization model works for every website, some monetization models work better now than ever. So here’s a quick guide to the five best. The Fifth Best Way to Monetize Websites: Sell Merchandise   If your website has a strong enough fanbase, they will want to buy things from you.…

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A simple guide to making hundreds switching bank accounts

switch bank accounts

Today we have a guest post from Money Shed forum member Glen who has perfected the art of earning money by switching bank accounts and has made themselves hundreds of pounds for just a few minutes work. Pssst, fancy earning a juicy carrot tempting £100 – £150 for a few minutes work? Banks have made it easy these days to switch accounts with the Current Account Switch Guarantee. This means the whole process can be done in just 7 working days (not counting Bank Holidays and weekends). They like to…

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Saving money while dressing for work

dress for work

  Starting a new job and having to invest in new work clothes, or needing to replace some older work clothes, may cost more than you initially expected it to. Thankfully, workwear suppliers such as Simon Jersey specialise in providing affordable and high-quality uniform options. Whether you’re on a particularly strict budget, or you’re simply looking to reduce the amount you spend, what sort of things should you keep in mind to save money on your work clothes? Keeping style simple The main focuses of your uniform should be balancing…

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5 things to invest your money in this year

invest money

We all want to make more money. Whether it’s to save for a rainy day, to splash out on a holiday or to prepare for the future, it’s important to have more than one revenue stream. Below, we’ve rounded up five creative investments that you should try out this year.   Stocks and shares If you have the time and the knowledge, investing in stocks and shares can prove incredibly lucrative. Take Apple, one of the world’s biggest and most successful technology companies. If you were to have invested $1,000…

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Saving money on your outdoor Summer event

outdoor event

During the Summer there’s no doubt that if the weather is good then having your event outside in the Sun can help make things just the little bit of a better experience for your guests. Lots of places these days will let you hire their outside space for your event. It could be anywhere from the back garden attached to a nice country pub to some spare land around a stately home. No matter what your budget, if you are looking to run an outside event you can find somewhere…

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Avoiding hazards in your work place

work place safety

When people tend to think of their work place they tend to think of somewhere that is safe for them to work each day. It doesn’t matter if you are self employed and working from your home office or work a regular 9-5 job in a plush city centre office block, accidents and hazards are not really something that comes to the forefront when thinking about your work environment. I’ve personally worked in the public sector for over 10 years and have had more ‘safety in the work place’ training…

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5 Things I Would Tell My 18 Year Old Self About Money

credit cards

Today we have a guest post from the AMAZING Angela over at Adventures in Webster Land – This girl has been a regular Money Shed forum poster since it was first created so is a very savvy gal when it comes to anything money related. She’s written a guest post all about the lessons she has learned growing up as an adult and what she would now tell her younger self.   As I approach the ripe old age of 40 I’ve been thinking about all the advice I would…

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How incentivising your staff can save your business money 

employee staff

  When running a business, setting up staff incentives can be a good way to keep your employees motivated and get the best results from them. But, by keeping them engaged in your business, you can also save your company money. Incentives companies in the UK today, like Corporate Rewards, offer many incentive schemes with the aim of maintaining staff engagement. Such schemes, from employee recognition to sales incentives, can help save businesses money. With this in mind, here are some key ways incentivising your staff can cut your company…

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Spending wisely when it comes to men’s health

mens health

Anyone that attends a gym these days will know just how big the Men’s Health sector is now. Most gyms that you walk into will have a whole promotional wall for products you can buy that will help increase your muscle mass and general physique. Every since Crossfit starting taking over the fitness world this has gone up 10 fold I feel. The gym I’m a member of actually has a fairly decent sized shop downstairs that every product the potential bodybuilder might need. A lot of people tend to…

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The troubles of saving for a first time buyer deposit

first time buyer

It seems more people than ever that I follow on our social media accounts are buying their first home. There’s no question that there seems to be more help than ever for first time buyers who are looking to get their feet on the property ladder but getting that initial deposit can still be a huge barrier for people. Unless you have moved back home to the parents or come into some kind of windfall of cash trying to save money up for a deposit while paying out for rent…

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BPI Auctions – Your one stop solution for selling your business assets

BPI Auction

When you are at home and your fine some random items in the garage or loft that you don’t need anymore the first thing you would tend to do is try and sell them on eBay or a local Facebook group. This isn’t so easy for businesses who might have spare or unused stock that they are looking to make money from. A lot of the time businesses don’t want to get bogged down in the ups and downs of selling their unused stock. Having to deal with postage and…

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EXCLUSIVE : AMAZING MATCHED BETTING OFFER – OddsMonkey membership for only £1


The Money Shed have teamed up with OddsMonkey to offer you an absolutely amazing offer. For £1 you can now get access to their FULL service for a full 7 days. All the offers, all the tools, EVERYTHING!             I would say there is nothing stopping you earning £400-£500+ within 7 days of access TOTALLY RISK FREE and indeed some people on our Matched Betting thread have earned a LOT MORE in that time! To take advantage of this offer click through to OddsMonkey and enter…

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8 ways to cut travel costs in your business

When running a business, the costs that come with expenses in business travel can have an impact on the day-to-day running of your company. Whether you provide company cars for your staff or you’re just doing regular visits to see key clients, there are many ways you can cut costs on your company travel. Business membership organisations like FSB can offer advice on the best ways to save money on travel costs in your business, this article gives you the basics. Set up a carpool Carpooling or car-sharing can be…

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