Who are the Richest People in the World and What Can We Learn from Them?

Learn from the richest people

Getting rich, generally speaking, doesn’t happen overnight. In most cases, years of planning, researching, and hard work have gone into taking an entrepreneur from an individual with a good idea to someone able to live in a world without any financial worries.   The fundamentals of having a successful business revolve, amongst other factors, around learning how to use your time well and getting in the right mindset to make money, but looking at the very richest individuals in society who have made it to the top for inspiration can…

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What’s it really like being the child of a famous parent blogger?

blogger child embarrassment

I’m often amazed at just how much parent bloggers share online about their children. From embarrassing stories to photos and videos of them rolling around in their bedroom, there’s no doubt a lot of it tends to happen when they are very young and so don’t have much of a say but as the child grows older and into the teenage years do parent bloggers really think about the consequences of sharing their child so much? I thought it would be good to get an insight from the view of…

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