How to earn money from your blog with Skimlinks

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Skimlinks is without a doubt one of the easiest ways that you can earn money on your blog. All it requires you to do once you’ve set up your account is install a WordPress plugin and it will then start turning relevant words on your site into clickable links. So, for example, the word ‘Argos’ or ‘TopCashBack‘ on your blog post would automatically be turned into a link to that merchant so if the reader clicks on it and buys anything you will earn a %! No coding, just an easy…

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How to earn money from your blog with Monetise

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Monetise is a UK based affiliate network that any blogger is free to join. Much like any other affiliate networks, it’s just a case of signing up to them and then choose with of their products of services you wish to promote and as your readers click on the links or banners you will earn money each time. Due to the fact they are based in the UK I do feel they have a bit more of a ‘personal’ touch which I will get onto later but for now, let’s show…

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How to earn money from your blog with contextual ads contextual ads is quite unique amongst the other ad network providers in that it gives what is called  ‘contextual ads’ to your blog. What that means is that the ad system looks at the content on the page (not the entire site!) and create the ad based on that. It’s because of this that is one of the highest paying ad networks out there with people earning 3 figures numbers per day when they use them on their site. Signing up to is simply a case of heading over to their site and putting in some details…

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