The Best Ways To Transfer Money Overseas Between The UK And Australia

Best Ways To Transfer Money Overseas

Most people can benefit from the multiple advantages that modern technology has provided. With the constant development of new technologies and features, almost anyone can use technology to improve their personal and professional lives. Regardless of which part of the world you are from, you can rest well knowing that there are options that help ease certain transactions.  An important example of modern technological innovation that we can use is the introduction of global payments. If you are currently living in Australia and would like to send some money over…

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How to Win Money While Playing Online Casino Games

Playing Online Casino Games

Have you ever been super enthusiastic about your bet, only to get disappointed once you lose all of your money? Well, guess what? The majority of gamblers feel the same way. In fact, rarely does anyone walk out or log off a casino with more cash than they originally came with. That is how the casino industry got so big in the first place – by exploiting people’s gambling addiction and using their illusions about winning an easy buck against them. However, there are many gamblers who became rich by…

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What To Do When Self-Employment Doesn’t Work

Self-Employment Doesn’t Work

Self-employed individuals in the UK have chosen an independent career for a variety of reasons. Some fell into self-employment rapidly after graduating, as a result of their skill sets – this is especially common for creative and digital jobs. Others were forced to quit their employed position over management issues or other situations. While finally, the most frequent case affects individuals who build an independent career as a consequence of not finding employment via traditional methods. Unfortunately, even though self-employment is becoming increasingly popular, less than 50% of workers are…

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Can Buying Your First Home Become an Asset for Your Future?

Home Become an Asset

Society suggests that your typical timeline may go something like this; graduate university, gain your first job, move into your first rented property, move into a second rented property, get married, buy your first home, have children, purchase a second home and then look into investments.  While this can indeed help to build credit and save money whilst simultaneously enjoying your youthful years, it may actually be wiser to start investing in properties earlier than this.  It Just Got a Whole Lot Easier If you’re lucky enough to go straight…

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These Poker Players Made Millions For Next To Nothing

Poker Players Made Millions

We’ve all heard stories about people who got rich overnight. Maybe they won the lottery, or perhaps they sold off their business for millions. But did you know that there are poker players out there who made their fortune for next to nothing? They often serve as inspiration for aspiring players who want to follow in the same path. Of course, not everyone can make it in the long run, but this bunch definitely who did. Chris Moneymaker There’s perhaps no poker success story more famous than that of Chris…

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What home improvements can you make for £1000

home improvements can you make for £1000

If you’re anything like me the gap between moving into your home and actually having the spare cash to make home improvements is pretty large. When we first moved into our home I pretty drew up a list in week 1 of things I wanted to do but, well you know what happens. Things break around the house that are more important and that’s where your money ends up going. So it wasn’t until probably 3 or 4 years in living in our current property that we decided to actually…

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Choosing the right wedding venue

right wedding venue

Choosing the right wedding venue is something that seems to be different for everyone. Some people like the lavish and others just want a place that means something to them. Just looking around your local area you will find a huge range of venues covering every price point but what should you be looking for to make sure that you not only get the most bang for your buck but you also end up with someone you will forever look back on and be happy with your choice. Choose somewhere…

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What Does It Mean to Be a Loan Guarantor?

Be a Loan Guarantor

Like most things that don’t affect your day to day life, your credit rating is something that you only think about when it’s going to impact a financial decision. This is why you need to make sure that your rating is the very best that it can be, so it doesn’t have a negative impact when it comes to securing credit or a mortgage deal.  If you do have a bad credit rating, then many things can help improve it. And, at some point, you may ask yourself the question…

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How to avoid online dating scams

online dating scams

Nothing makes you feel quite as vulnerable as online dating. You put yourself out there for an unbelievable level of scrutiny from people you don’t even know and who don’t even know you. It doesn’t matter if your niche is Single and Mature or Uniform Dating It’s very important that you go into online dating with your eyes open and fully aware that things are not always as it seems when you are looking at prospective future partners. Yet people return to the online dating scene over and over again with…

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How to create the perfect online dating profile

online dating uk

Creating an online dating profile is a lot like having a blank canvass staring straight at your before you are about to do some artwork. You can create whatever you want but in the end, SOMEONE is going to see what you have made and you need to make it stand out compared to the thousands of other similar profiles out there. It doesn’t matter if you are using dating sites UK, or dating sites in Ireland these rules will always apply! So what can you do to make sure not…

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How to stay safe when dating online

Online Dating Safety

When I look at the dating scene now I’m kind of glad that I grew up was out clubbing in the late 90s / 2000s because the landscape for meeting a potential significant other really does seem to have changed beyond all recognition. Gone are the days of just meeting someone in a club and getting their landline number to ring and then praying that their Dad doesn’t answer the phone when you ring it a few days later. Now you can just meet someone and be stalking them on…

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Last years shocking data breaches!

2018 was the year that GDPR came into play and was meant to be the game changer with how companies deal with not only collecting your data but also how that data is used. Sadly it seems a lot of the companies out there didn’t get the memo with some pretty unprecedented data breaches happening! In February, 150 million MyFitnessPal app users had their details leaked in a data breach including usernames, email addresses and passwords. In March, Cambridge Analytica harvested data (without user permission) from Facebook, more than 80 million…

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How to keep yourself motivated when self-employed

Keep yourself motivated when self employed

Being self-employed is great. You work hours to suit you and your family, set your own work, wear what you like – the list goes on. However, there is one major problem which faces people who are self-employed. Motivation.  Many people who are self-employed say they struggle to get motivated to actually work and as such, their business suffers as a consequence. If you’re worried about your own motivation, there are some things that you can do in order to help you stay focused and on track.  Regular breaks  Working…

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How to Upgrade Your Budget This Year in 5 Simple Steps

How to Upgrade Your Budget This Year in 5 Simple Steps

Saving money is one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions to make, along with losing weight and getting rid of bad habits. Of course, as we all know, sticking to our budgeting goals isn’t as easy as it seems. Usually, we start the year with good intentions, then find ourselves gradually falling into old routines by the time we hit Spring.  The problem you keep having with your budgeting goals might be that your strategy simply isn’t up to par. If you think that it’s time to make a…

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