3 Fun Ways to Make Extra Money

Fun Ways to make extra money

As much as you might enjoy your day job and the lifestyle it affords you, sometimes it can be nice to have a little extra income to spend guilt free. Here, we run through some ideas of fun ways to make a little extra on the side. Gambling  Gambling has a bad reputation for being a vice, that can lead to dangerous addiction that causes you to lose huge amounts of money. However, if you approach it in the right way it can be a fun hobby that might help…

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5 Tips to Maximise Productivity at Work

Maximise Productivity at Work

A motivated workforce is a productive one, and a workplace full of productive employees makes for a successful, effective, and efficient business. Employees are vital to the success of a business, so it makes sense that the more efficient your employees are, the better they will be able to up productivity, save the business money, and maximise investment. Therefore, the link between business success and happy, productive employees should be clear to see.  Similarly, this is scalable in the sense that employee productivity is equally important whether a business has…

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Micro Bloggers – Influencers of the online world

Micro Bloggers

Building trust in an online world is often overlooked by many businesses looking to break into the online space. The last decade has seen a massive spike in the usage of the internet, people now spend more time online than ever before, and that’s why it’s so important to build a level of trust with online customers.  Now, more than ever, people are picky on the internet, they have millions of sites to visit and thousands of companies to choose from. They have the freedom to pick and choose what…

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5 Trading Tips from professional traders


There is only so much the internet can teach us. Professional traders have the type of inside knowledge, strategies and expertise that can only be learned on the trading floor Financial Markets Online founders, James Bentley, Samuel Fuller and Rajan Naik are experienced, industry experts and practicing traders who train students around the world. Today, they’re sharing with us 5 hot trading tips from professional traders. Work alongside another professional– having a mentor or working alongside someone with more experience than you, is an invaluable aid when you’re at the beginning of your…

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Love the Sales – We Love the Savings

Love the Sales

Online shopping has grown crazily over the last few years with many people now choosing to shop online than head to the shops. The rise of online shopping has led to the demise of high streets however with the ease of access and the possibility to shop in your pyjamas, it’s easy to understand its increased popularity. There are thousands of retailers available at the click of a button, making it convenient but also super simple and scarily easy to spend all your money online.  Discount Code Sites Thankfully there…

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Top 3 Qualities To Look For In A Software Company Insurance UK

Software Company Insurance

Call me a worry-wart but I can’t help but think of the future of my business all the time. After all, I did spend half of my life trying to build something from scratch – literally. Although I can’t share with you who or what my company is exactly, let’s just say that I’m your friend. I’m working in the same industry as you, software development, and I just want to share some of my own experiences running the business with you. Hopefully, you can take something worthwhile by the…

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How to Eat on A Budget

Eat on A Budget

Running a home can be expensive, if you’re struggling to make ends meet it can be difficult to find ways to cut down on your monthly expenditure if you have this responsibility. However, it is important to make sure that you can always afford the lifestyle you lead so that you do not spiral into debt, or you could lose your home altogether. Here, we look at one of the major expenses; food, and how you can cut down on how much you spend on it. If you are struggling…

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Feastly – Office Lunch Delivery Service

Office Lunch Delivery Service

Lunch-time, it’s the second-best part of the day, that award goes to home-time of course. That being said, lunchtime is an important part of any employees’ day, it’s the chance to take a break, relax, socialise and fuel up for the rest of the day ahead. However, lunchtime is also thwart with danger – where should we go to eat? I had that yesterday! I don’t know what I want to eat! These are familiar stories being told day-in, day-out across the country by employees taking their lunch break.  This…

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A guide to peer-to-peer lending

peer-to-peer lending

Most of us are interested in finding ways to improve our financial situation, and the evolution of the financial services sector in the last few years has created a variety of new models serving both investors and borrowers. One of the most interesting developments has been the growth in popularity of peer-to-peer lending, usually known as P2P.  For investors, the attraction of P2P lending is that it can offer substantially better returns than traditional forms of investment. The Bank of England may have eased the base interest rate up to…

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What is the Best Kind of Business to Start?

Best Kind of Business to Start

When you first launch a new business, there are many questions that you’ll need to ask yourself. For instance, what kind of products are you going to sell? Who will your ideal customer be? What are you going to do to fund your business initially, and what kind of business loan will you need? One of the most complicated questions of all, is what kind of business do you want to run? There are many different structures out there to choose from, and the one you choose can affect the…

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How to Save Money on Life’s Necessities

Save Money on Life’s Necessities

Life. For many of us, it gets busy at times. It can feel demanding, too. Especially when it comes to money. Budgeting helps. A lot of people find it tricky to apply it to necessities, though.  If this applies to you, don’t worry. It’s easy to limit how much you spend on vital products. You just need to know how.  To find out, read on.  Work Commute  How do you travel to work? Car? Train? Bus? Whichever transport mode you use, is it the cheapest option available? If not, you…

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The Property Ladder Uncovered: Every Which Way You Could Make Or Take Advantage Of It

The Property Ladder Uncovered

Many people will have a goal to get onto the property ladder at some point in their lives. It can be one of those things that you think is distant in the future, or you may be thinking about it now. There are, of course, steps you need to take initially when it comes to getting on the property ladder. For starters, you need to build up a deposit, which can take a fair bit of times given that lenders require a decent lump sum to be put down. You…

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A Family Pet Doesn’t Have To Break The Bank

Pet Doesn’t Have To Break The Bank

A family pet can often be a big decision for anyone to make. After all, whether it is a dog, a cat, or even a reptile that lives in a tank, they are a commitment that you have to make. It isn’t just about the changes to your lifestyle or the positive dynamics it will have on the family home, a big factor in the decision making process is the cost. It is an added member of the family that needs things, it needs food and regularly maintenance. So how…

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Can I Afford A Wedding?

Can I Afford A Wedding

Are my assets in order? Am I able to wed and stay financially afloat? If you’re in a serious relationship, you may have asked yourself these questions.  Money worries are common. Especially when we’re headed towards a huge life change – which marriage can often be.  But if you’re engaged, don’t worry. It’s easy budget for a wedding and beyond. You just need to know how.  Our guide could help.  Effective Planning  Are you excited? If so, it isn’t surprising. You’re getting married, after all. You may very well want…

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Protecting your car tyres and saving you money

Protecting your car tyres

There’s no doubt that beyond buying a house the vehicle we drive can be one of the most costly items we own. Sadly the spending doesn’t even end when you actually purchase the thing! From car insurance through to window cleaner fluid it can sometimes feel like they are never ending cashcow. Over the years I’ve bought everything from a 2nd hand car through to doing a PCP lease deal and while there is no doubt that the maintenance costs of the latter are much smaller there are still some…

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Understanding Horse Insurance

Understanding Horse Insurance

As many of you will understand, owning a horse brings immeasurable pleasure and satisfaction. It isn’t just the moments of exhilaration, the bond or the freedom you feel from riding. Reward come too from the hard work that is involved, horses are an extension of yourself and your family. Little wonder then that we do all we can to look after our horses and this includes insuring them. It is with this in mind that here we take a look at horse insurance in a bid to help you understand…

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The Perks Of Being A Midwife

Perks Of Being A Midwife

When it comes to jobs which are rewarding and enjoyable, there isn’t much which can come close to being a midwife and witnessing those first few moments of life every single day of your career. As a midwife you’ll be able to follow a parent’s journey from the first scan to the birth of their baby and it can be the most amazing thing in the world. If you are looking for a new career path this year, here are some reasons to consider being a midwife. You can study…

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Practical Things You Can Do Today To Improve Your Financial Future

Improve Your Financial Future

So, what are your plans for today? Thinking about catching up with your Netflix box sets? Considering a day pottering around in your garden? Catching up with friends for banter and gossip? Sure, you could do those things. And there are a million other things you might do today. However… Why not take this day (or tomorrow if you’re reading this article late at night) and do those things that will ultimately improve the state of your finances. And if a day isn’t enough, then we guess a week is…

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How to Help Secure Savings for the Future

Secure Savings for the Future

Being intelligent with your finances can allow you to lead a comfortable lifestyle and build towards a brighter future. While it is important to treat yourself occasionally, it is also important to secure savings for the future so that you can retire and live these years doing what you want. Additionally, having savings is important in case you encounter any unexpected expenses which can be difficult to manage otherwise. Of course, saving for the future is easier said than done especially if you are currently on a tight budget. Fortunately,…

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How you can be uncreative in a creative world

uncreative in a creative world

I don’t know about you but I am honestly as creative as a snail! See even that eye-catching first sentence wasn’t that creative and it’s been a problem that’s followed me all my life. Every now and again I may have a slight flash of creative genius in terms of something boring like website design but generally, if say we are looking at new wall designs or throws for a sofa I am next to useless. Being artistic in any sense has never been something I’ve been good at. Even…

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