Essential Reading: Claims Management Made Simple

claims management software

Making a claim can be a stressful process for individuals. But managing claims — perhaps in the thousands — needn’t be an uphill battle for companies. Since the infamous “PPI scandal” is coming to an end, claims companies will be dealing with a number of new claim types. Therefore, they must review how they manage their claims and ensure they are on top of their claims management software. Using a powerful claims management software can definitely help achieve this. The Different Types of Claims A claims company could be dealing…

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Ofir Eyal Bar on How to Successfully Invest in Real Estate

Successfully Invest in Real Estate

Real estate is widely regarded as one of the most lucrative investment vehicles to include in your financial portfolio. Truth be told, there are many unique strategies for making real estate investments. Real estate investment strategies are typically focused on the long-term and they require intensive research, methodical planning, and careful budgeting.  Investments can be geared towards deriving rental revenue streams, ROI on real estate sales, or simply building up a substantial retirement portfolio. It is certainly not an easy undertaking to get up and running in the real estate…

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OddsMonkey Review 2019

Oddsmonkey Matched Betting Logo

Price: Try OddsMonkey for FREE. Take a look around the site, tools and training guides, and make around £45 without paying a penny! OddsMonkey Premium is available for just £17.99 a month or £150 a year. Those prices are locked in too, so as long as you remain a Premium member, your subscription won’t go up, even if OddsMonkey raise their prices. STOP PRESS – ONGOING OFFER! – We’ve teamed up with OddsMonkey to offer you 7 day of FULL ODDSMONKEY PREMIUM ACCESS  for only £1 when you sign up…

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How to Save for a House Deposit on Your New Home

Saving for a house

Looking forward to owning your own home? It’s a great goal to have.  The freedom of having a house of your own can be an incredible feeling. You get to decorate however you want, invest in new rooms and extensions when you’ve got the money and more. Plus, when you’re finished paying off your mortgage, you’ll own a piece of a real-estate that could continue to grow in value.  Of course, while buying a house comes with many benefits, there are also a wide range of expenses to consider too.…

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Profit Accumulator Review 2019

Profit Accumulator Comprehensive Review Logo

Price:  FREE TRIAL AVAILABLE to make around £45 RISK FREE and then £17.99 a month or £150 a year, however, a LOYALTY BONUS is available to get it even cheaper and there is also a special way to get Profit Accumulator and save yourself £76 on the annual subscription by using this link Profit Accumulator Review What sets Profit Accumulator apart from other Matched Betting companies? Profit Accumulator has been around for many years and provides one of the oldest and most established matched betting services and actually holds the…

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Curve Card Review – Just how much can it REALLY save you? + £5 FREE!

curve card review logo

With bank cards, credit cards and a crazy amount of store cards bulking out our purses and wallets,  there’s no surprise that we are always looking for ways to cut down the plastic.  Alongside this, the increase in modern day technology taking over most aspects of our daily lives, we can see an increase in the amount of apps that replace many of our familiar tasks. It’s no surprise then to see that if we mix the alarming amount of cards that we keep with the advanced technology that we…

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20 Work from home jobs for Mums

20 Work from home jobs for Mums

Forget all those ‘Earn £1000 in a month’ type blog posts you’ve seen before, as in this list of 20 work from home jobs for Mums we are going to be covering over £5170 worth of online income a month! There’s no question that once you bring home your bundle of joy that flexibility is one of the things you will crave the most in your life. The flexibility to do things when you can and not be tied down to times or requirements will make you feel a lot…

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What is a good credit score in the UK?

What is a good credit score in the UK?

Having a good credit score is one of the most import aspects of applying for any kind of financial product. It doesn’t matter if it’s a loan, credit card or mortgage. There is no doubt that your credit score can be the one thing that makes a huge difference to what gets offered. Typically the first time you will come to notice this is when you go off to HSBC, Barclays or Zopa to get a loan and get knocked back! So what’s the benefit of having a good credit…

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Matched Betting Guide – How I’ve made over £40,000 and you can too!

Matched Betting Guide making over £40,000

Anyone that looks into working from home world will have seen a mention or 10 of Risk Free Matched Betting. It’s without question the number 1 fastest way to earn the most money in the shortest amount of time. Don’t believe me? Take a look at what some Money Shed forum users had to say! Matched Betting Guide I started my Matched Betting journey back in the summer of 2015 with only £60 and have never put more money in. I sound crazy but it’s 100% true and as time…

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5 Ways to Manage Your Disposable Income

manage your disposable income

After you have deducted your taxes, private pension payments, insurance covers, electricity, and phone bills, the money you are left with as part of your monthly paycheck is what is termed as disposable income. The term, in most cases, is viewed as money you can spend however you wish or irresponsibly, which is not necessarily the case. As you seek to pursue financial freedom, you need to be very intentional on how you spend your disposable income. Here are five ways that will help you do that. Know How to Calculate…

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Finding the best soundbar under £200

best soundbar under £200

For a lot of people, the Television will be the centerpiece of their living room. Times where when these devices were massive cube-shaped boxes but now they are lovely, aesthetically built engineered audiovisual treats that are so light and thin you can han them on your wall! Not to mention as most TVs now are ‘smart’ the next time you grab that remote control you are able to do all manor of things from browse 4K videos on YouTube to ordering the latest films on demand! But of course that…

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How to earn thousands doing Mystery Shopping in the UK

Mystery Shopping in the UK

Mystery Shopping in the UK Ever wondered what life is like for someone who does mystery shopping in the UK?  How much travel is involved? What planning do you need to do ahead? Can anyone make a living from it? – We chat to Money Shed member ‘Schewy‘ to find out all about it. Can you tell us how you first found out about Mystery Shopping in the UK and how you got into it? A chance remark from one of the mum’s of the children that I was looking…

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Paid Research Studies – How to Earn over $250 per study!

paid market research studies

It’s no surprise that companies are looking for your opinion. It’s now more important than ever before for companies and big brands to get it right for their customers and to be able to make positive changes to their products and services. Companies love getting customer feedback, just look at McDonald’s for example, a multibillion pound company who have spent millions marketing their feedback report so that customers can tell them exactly how they felt whilst in one of their restaurants. Why? So they can take action and keep them…

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MNFST – Become a Social Media Influencer

MNFST Social Media App

There are many ways in which you can earn money online, especially within the last decade with a rise in social media platforms. Now you can share, like and comment on just about anything from anyone across the world.  There are people making a success from their social media following, using Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat to create a full-time income from only a few hours work a week. These people are aptly named ‘Influencers’. Social Media Influencers have thousands, even millions of dedicated fans following their every post. They make…

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The hidden costs of being a single parent

single parent activities

Being a parent can be draining on your bank balance, especially trying to keep up with the latest toys and gadgets for your children while trying to keep food on the table and a roof over your head. It can be even harder when there’s only one pay check coming in. Single parents are often left out when it comes to deals and discounts on days out and trips away.  The financial struggles of being a single parent are highlighted in this infographic from PayPlan. The graphic shows that one…

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FluidStack Review – How to earn $50 a month!

fluidstack review

If you had to ask any online entrepreneur what they would like to achieve, you’re likely to hear the term passive income. Being able to earn money from home is one thing but an income that’s passive, that’s without a doubt the aim for a lot of people! Fluidstack Review Passive income is the holy grail of online work, the chance for you to earn money practically whilst sleeping. If you had to say that 10 years ago people would just laugh at you. Heck if you said you knew how to…

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How to be safe during niche dating

niche dating

Dating in the modern world sure is different to how it was years ago. You download the latest swipe dating app for our smartphone and try as you might there are no matches on Tinder or even dating sites that your friend has recommended. Then something goes off like a lightbulb in your head that if you actually look more at niche dating. From looking for people who work in uniforms to people looking at dating a widower. No matter what your age in life or tastes there are websites…

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How to stay safe on dating websites

stay safe on dating websites

Online Dating can be scary at the best of time. From never quite knowing what you are getting through to the sheer financial investment that you need to use on these websites and smartphone apps to make sure you get the most from them. But what can you do to make sure that no matter if you are using from niche dating sites to fetish dating there is something out there no matter what you taste or preference but what should you be on the lookout for to make sure…

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Why fonts are so important in advertising?

fonts are so important

Times were when you were only ever exposed to advertising via more traditional mediums. This could be the television and radio or even a billboard you would see while out walking the street or a magazine you may read. Then the Internet arrived and everything changed! With that came advertising that was no only on our laptop screen but was also on your phone and tablet. As time has gone on and the display on those screens have got better and better the need to use the correct fonts have…

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How investment fees can impact your returns

investment fees

It’s a commonplace lament – new traders work out the percentages on their investments and expect to enjoy a healthy reward, only to find that it’s much less than they expected. What has happened? The answer, all too often, is that they’ve been hit by brokerage fees they failed to anticipate. Although regulations require brokers to list all their fees upfront, the information can often be difficult to find and some traders struggle to make sense of it. Understanding fees is essential to working out which broker is best for…

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