How Technology Has Shaped The Gaming Industry

Shaped The Gaming Industry

Technology is everywhere, and as a result of this ubiquity, it affects many different industries in the marketplace. One such example is in the case of the gaming industry, and this will thus be the article’s focus.  Considering that traditional board games have long been replaced, the gaming industry heavily relies on technological innovation in order to produce newer and better games.  The graphics are better than ever, and even the storylines become more complex. Not to mention, people now have more options than ever before when it comes to…

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3 Reasons to Run Your Micro Business from a Self Storage Unit

self storage unit

If you own a micro business, you’re probably very familiar with some of the stock headaches such businesses frequently run into. As a sole trader, you have only yourself to rely on, and while this can be a good thing it also means you shoulder all the responsibility and all the costs. When you make the right choices regarding storage, you can make huge savings in terms of both time and money.   Save on Office Rentals Balancing space and overheads can be quite a juggling challenge for many micro…

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Bridging The Gap Between Invoices

Gap Between Invoices

Working for yourself is never easy, especially in the very beginning. You will have to work extremely hard to get your business up and running, with most people finding it hard to make ends meet for at least a couple of years. As time goes on, this will get a little bit easier, but you’ll still need to be able to bridge the gap between invoices from time to time. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring some of the best ways to get your hands…

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8 Ways To Earn Money When You Are On Holiday

Earn Money When You Are On Holiday

Today we have a guest post from Tracy Walter – the ‘mum next door’ who is passionate about personal finance. Although she blogs about personal finance for work, she recently branched out to writing just for mums and you can follow her on her Medium account. Going away over the summer? Enjoy your holiday more knowing that your home is earning you money while you relax! You could be earning up to £1000 per year tax-free by renting out parts of your property. Some people are hesitant to have people using their…

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The key differences between mortgage protection, life insurance & critical illness cover

differences between mortgage protection, life insurance

When planning your finances for the future, it is important to make sure you have adequate insurance cover for your main commitments.  Decisions such as taking out a mortgage to buy a property could be one of the biggest commitments you make in life.  As a responsible borrower, you need to ensure that you can continue to make repayments in the event of a serious change in circumstances.  You may be required by your mortgage provider to have cover for your mortgage in the event that a change of circumstances…

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How Much is a Stair Lift?

how much is a stairlift

Buying a stairlift is something that can come at a great personal, financial cost but also bring with it a huge amount of freedom to that person’s life. A key question that someone who is looking to purchase one will always be “How much is a Stair Lift?”. This is because it can be quite daunting when you first start looking. From Brouchers, to ‘in house sales pitches’, TV Advertising and online adverts, it can seem like everyone wants to give you what you want for a different price! Luckily…

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How to Buy Number Plates

buy number plates

Personally, private number plates on cars were not something I was introduced to until probably the middle of the 2000s. My first car was a 1994 VW Polo which I must have got around 1998 and I just don’t remember specialist plates as being a thing. Nowadays however they seem to be everywhere due to the fact you can not only buy them easily online from plate wholesalers and auction houses but there are also a number of finance options available to when it comes to purchasing one. With all…

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How to Play Casino Games with an Android

Origins of Gambling Android

The good news for Android users, is that most top-level sports betting, casino and poker company offers real-money apps, meaning that you can play Casino Games to your heart’s content. Gambling can be fun, if done responsibly. It’s a good idea to make sure that you know what you are doing when it comes to gambling. You don’t want to lose your money, just because of a silly mistake. It’s also worth noting, that you don’t need to spend money to play your favourite casino game. If you are just…

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The Property Specialist You Need in Your Life

Property specialist

It is no surprise that you would encounter any sort of property at least once in your life. Whether you would be buying a new home, selling an old one, or simply looking to valuate that property, it could be an overwhelming and daunting task to pursue. This most importantly holds true for first time buyers who would like to start their own family and have a home of their own. In the span of your whole life, there will be instances wherein you would need to be knowledgeable about…

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Win Money for Free – The Ultimate Guide

win money for free

Win Money for Free – The Ultimate Guide There’s no better feeling than getting something for free, especially when that’s something that you’ve always wanted. Now, we all wish that we could win the lottery, but with the latest statistics saying that you’re more likely to go to space than win the lottery, you might want to stop thinking about spending your millions for now.  You may have heard of people entering competitions and winning things, and yes sure winning a new toaster or a pair of concert tickets are…

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10 Best Ways to Make Money in An Hour

Ways to Make Money in An Hour

10 Best Ways to Make Money in An Hour Earning money is great, but sometimes you need it quick. Traditionally earning money takes a long time, just look at a normal job, you work and don’t see that money for weeks, it’s not an ideal situation for those who need it quick.  Thankfully with the increase of online work, earning money quickly has become easier, so let’s take a look at the 10 best ways to earn money in an hour.  Matched Betting Matched Betting is one of the most…

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Sharing by Isabel Dos Santos: The Money Maker Guide

Sharing by Isabel Dos Santos

Isabel Dos Santos knows a thing or two about making money. A self-styled entrepreneur and business magnate, this electrical engineer is a transformative leader. Dos Santos spearheads several multinational corporations, including Zap, Candando, Efacec, Sodiba and Unitel. As a captain of industry, Isabel’s business acumen is unparalleled. Unlike others, she does not tote quick-fix solutions to success. Her approach is grounded in education, skills training, the provision of opportunities, and egalitarian systems and frameworks. This all-encompassing approach to wealth creation is already paying dividends in Angola and other developed economies. …

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