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3 Fundamental Principles Of Great Office Design

3 Fundamental Principles Of Great Office Design

20 years ago, pretty much every office looked exactly the same. Just rows and rows of cubicles where everybody would sit closed off from one another and get their heads down. It was thought that by shutting out any of the outside distractions, you’d make your employees a lot more productive. But more recently, people have started to realize that might not be the case. In fact, the cubicle layout is actually pretty terrible if you want people to work effectively. Most bosses don’t think too much about their office layout because they don’t realize how much impact it has on their employees but it’s so important. A good office layout can increase creativity, help coworkers collaborate on projects and give them a space to rest and recharge their batteries when they’re on a break. If your office has a boring cubicle layout, you need to change it up a bit. These are some of the best ways to do it.

Open Plan

The problem with the cubicle layout is that it shuts everybody off from one another and actively discourages teamwork. That’s not what you want so it’s far better to go for an open plan office instead. Take down all of those barriers and unnecessary walls. This will open the place up so your employees can communicate with one another a lot easier. It also improves the flow of light around the office which has been proven to improve productivity. If you’re already working in an office with cubicles, it might be expensive to open it up and you might not be allowed to make those kind of changes if you’re renting the space. In that case, it might be time to look for other commercial properties for sale and upgrade. It’s an investment but it’s worth spending the money on if it means that your employees are a lot more productive.

Coworking Spaces

Now that the office is opened up and you’ve got everybody working together a bit more, people can start collaborating on projects and pooling their skill sets. But if they’re all crowded around their normal desks, they’re going to struggle to get on properly. That’s why creating a coworking space in the office is so important. Giving people a conference room area with some boards where they can brainstorm ideas will really help when they’re working in teams.


Giving your employees the chance to personalize their desk areas is very important. When people feel comfortable they’re more productive so letting people put plants and photos and things around their desk is always good. You should also let people pick out their own furniture, for example, if they want a standing desk let them have one. Letting people personalize their own desk lets them work in the way that suits them best and that’s going to make them more productive.

The old cubicle office layout is a complete waste of time and it doesn’t do you any favors whatsoever. You need to have a rethink and design a new office. Just make sure that you follow these 3 fundamental principles of office design.

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