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3 Ways to Spend Your Savings on Christmas

3 Ways to Spend Your Savings on Christmas

Christmas is an expensive time of year. From buying presents and covering the cost of dinner to paying up for decorations and parties, even the most financially savvy among us are spending a lot on 25 December.

If you have been planning your money and putting some aside all year in preparation for the festive period, now is the time to start planning how you want to spend it. To give you inspiration, here are some ideas that make the time you spent saving up worth it.

Generous Gift Buying

One of the reasons to spend the year saving up for Christmas is to treat your loved ones to lovely gifts. While you may have more funds than in previous years, it’s still worth thinking carefully about how you want to go about buying gifts.

Plan out who you want to buy for this year and allocate a budget spend for each person. Once you know how much you want to go up to, you can then think about the gift ideas that fit within this amount and select the ones that suit the recipient.

Refresh the Home

Whether you are having family and friends over for Christmas dinner or they are staying for a few days, you may wish to take the opportunity to update your home. You may wish to do something big such as redecorating with a fresh coat of paint or make some small changes, like adding some lighting.

One of the easiest ways to refresh the home in time for Christmas is to purchase some new chairs in order to make sure no one is left on the deck chair that is stashed in the garage. Or perhaps you have the chairs ready and you just need some Christmassy cushions. Invest something snuggly, like these from Cox & Cox, and you can use them in the Christmases to come.

Cook Clever

Should you be cooking dinner this Christmas, you could spend your savings on the finest food. Shop around for exquisite ingredients and locate the perfect festive drinks to accompany the meal.

If you have the funds, you could extend the cooking across the holidays, starting with Christmas Eve gatherings and take it right through to New Year’s Day. Planning each meal throughout the festive week means you can indulge in the food you love and know that you will not have to dash to the supermarket mid-week.

What do you have planned for your finances over the festive break? Will you be investing in top-notch gifts or spend your money on feeding your family and friends?

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