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Adult Online Webcam Work: All your questions answered

Adult Online Webcam Work: All your questions answered

On The Money Shed we’ve covered a lot of things that are ideal Work from home jobs for Mum such as Surveys, Mystery Shopping and everything inbetween.

There has been a significant rise in the number of women going into online adult work, such as webcam modelling and adult chat. Even in today’s current economic state, both services seem to show no signs of slowing down and for some workers, it appears you can earn you a decent living from it. You get to work for yourself, work when you want and With the internet being forever dominating, it’s safe to say that online adult services will be around for a good while.

But there are lots of unanswered questions surrounding these particular adult services, like how much can you really earn? What does a webcam model actually do? Can anybody get into this type of online work? Well, in today’s article, we speak to former webcam model and phone chat operator, Sarah.

What got you into webcam modelling?

I was living in a house share a few years ago and one of my housemates had done this kind of work before. She told me all about how much you could earn from it and from what she said, it sounded like an easy way to make some decent cash. I was broke at the time and like a lot of people, in debt. I started webcamming not long after our conversation.

What does a webcam work session typically involve? Is it actually modelling in front of a webcam or more than that?

Yes it most definitely is more! Not all the time but most guys want to see you take your clothes off and perform some kind of sexual act. That’s it right there. A lot of girls come in to this type of work with a naïve approach. They think that all they have to do, is look pretty and talk. No! The reality is this, If you want to make decent cash, you have to be prepared to do more. Simple.

Like I said, not all guys want that kind of service. Some guys want to just talk but they are few and far between. The more accommodating your are to their needs, the more likely they will stay logged into the session and the more you will earn.

How did you go about finding webcam work and what was it like applying for the role?

My housemate mentioned a site called InternetModeling, which is the site she used to do her webcamming. I took a look at the website and it looked well laid out but with lots of information. I took my time looking through the website and getting familiar with the language that’s used on there. I had to fill out an online application form on the website, which took all of 2 minutes. I then had take some sexy photos of myself and upload them. Once they were accepted, I then started working straight away. As long as your photos are genuine, then you can begin working the same day. Anyone that applies, can work on the site.

Is there any equipment needed or start up costs?

Obviously, you need a webcam but not any old webcam. Your webcam needs to be high quality and your internet speed needs to be very fast. If you have slow internet speed, you will freeze a lot in a webcam session and this can be very annoying to the viewer, they certainly won’t bother to hand around. I learnt the hard way and lost a lot clients because of this.

You need a collection of sexy underwear and a few uniforms. If you have the same client coming back for more , he is going to want to see you in something different. Variety is key.

Other than that, there isn’t really anything else you need to buy.

Adult Online Webcam Work: All your questions answered

I tried out the sms chat service but that didn’t pick up at all. I was always logged in for phone chat but again, it didn’t pick up. You have to remember, there are other services such as, escorting and it’s this type of service most men look for. Phone chat on Adultwork is pretty expensive at £2 per min and sometimes more. That’s a little bit more expensive than other operators and so, phone/sms services aren’t so sought after on Adultwork. It’s OK for topping up on your earnings but to actually make a decent buck, it’s very unlikely.

How much can you realistically earn from adult webcam work?

I think you can realistically over £100 a week from this job. I was earning around £100 to £150 a week but that was over 20 hours of work time. Like with most jobs online, you have to work a lot harder to earn your first £100. I’m sure I could have made more but I just got de-motivated and spent less and less time on there towards the end. - Webcam Models Wanted!

Did you enjoy being a webcam model?

Honestly? Not really. It can be very exhausting and robotic. It’s hard because you can’t let that show during a session but it’s how I felt, especially towards the end of my time on Adultwork. If you’re not secure in your body, I would avoid this type of work. Men will say things to you that you might not want to hear. If they’re not satisfied with your performance, they won’t hesitate to let you know. You have to be tough skinned with work like this.

I gave it up in the end because more and more clients wanted to see my face and I never showed my face to just any client. I think if I did, I probably would have made a lot more money but I wanted to be as anonymous as I could which made it harder if anything.

Would you recommend adult webcam work to others?

If you don’t mind showing your face and risking someone knowing you on there, then by all means do it. I can’t say it’s easy money because it isn’t! You have to work hard and be professional at all times. Those cheques certainly helped me out through a hard time in my early twenties, so I don’t regret it. It just takes a ‘ I don’t care’ attitude. Webcamming is safe in the sense that you aren’t in danger physically but you are more exposed to a huge audience. Basically, if webcamming isn’t much of secret and your hard up on money, then do it! I think there are other services, such as escorting, that would be a lot more risky and a lot more emotionally taxing.

Can you recommend any reputable websites to earn money as a webcam model?

Well, as I only worked for InternetModelling, I can only recommend them. They are one of the most reputable sites to work for. I never had a problem with getting paid on time or anything like that. They do take a % out of your earnings but what you have to understand is, your getting free flow of traffic. If you started your own website, you most likely wouldn’t get a quarter of the traffic that they provide.

With it being a popular site, there’s a lot of competition amongst workers on there. More and more girls are coming into this kind of work because of debts and the cost of living.

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