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App Paye – A third party payroll provider of PAYE services for the Self Employed

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Anyone that knows my history will know that I started out in the world of computing as a contractor. Contracting offers you a lot flexibility in terms of what you go to work since you tend to change your job role every few months however that in itself also brings its own troubles when it comes to getting paid.

App Paye is a first of its kind smartphone app that is designed to make life easier for both the freelance contractor AND the payroll company. It doesn’t matter if you are a regular contractor in the corporate world or a self employed blogger, App Paye will help you with things like tax deductions and HMRC Compliance.

As a contractor there always seems to be a lot of work involved when you first start a new gig. From changing agency through to changing the Umbrella company that they use it’s never a straightforward task, however, App Paye takes care of all that for you and gives you complete control over when and how you get paid so you can just get on with doing the job, they even remove the need for you to set yourself up as a Limited Company.

Some of the benefits of using App Paye as a contractor include the ability to pay yourself with just the click of a button and being able to live chat to your account manager through the app!

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One other major advantage that App Paye bring you is the ability to access thousands of pounds worth of benefits which include £1500 of BUPA Healthcare and lots of other shopping benefits you can take advantage of.

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It really is a far easier solution than the endless sending back and forth of excel spreadsheets I used to have to deal with in the mid 2000s when I was contracting and the ability to have access to everything on my phone instead of having to keep everything in paper form is a world I wished I lived in at the time.

So if you are contracting at the moment and want to make life a bit easier on yourself in more ways than one head on over to App Paye or download their Apple or Android apps today!

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App Paye - A third party payroll provider of PAYE services for the Self Employed




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