The AWESOME £150 Money Shed Referral Contest!

The AWESOME £150 Money Shed Referral Contest!

Are you one of the THOUSANDS of people The Money Shed has helped financially? 

If it has then now is the time to spread the word and grab some money for yourself!


To celebrate The Money Shed being 4 years old on October 17th 2017 we are doing what we used to do back at the start and running a Referral Contest!

The contest closes on the 17th October 2017 and for each person who you get to sign up and post 5 Good Quality posts on The Money Shed you will receive an entry.

To Confirm : A referral is someone who signs up under your link and makes 5 Good quality posts (ie, not short or 1 word posts!). Only Users based in the UK will have their registration approved. Systems are also in place to check IP addresses.

Prize wise I am offering up
1st Place £100
2nd Place £30
3rd Place £20

How do I refer people?
At the top of the forum you will see a new link saying Referral Contest and if you click on that you will get access to your Referral URL

Also if you click on your profile you will find a new section on the left for Referrals


From here you can use OUR email system to email any of your friends with details about The Money Shed and it will also send them your referral link automatically to sign up!

There is also a tool in there that you can use to share pages on the forum and include your affiliate page.

So if you think someone might be interested in trying Mystery Shopping or Matched Betting you could share the forum page about that on Facebook / Twitter / Email or other forums and if they sign up through that link YOU GET THE REFERRAL

So you have all the tools!

You have all the contacts!

Get spreading the word about The Money Shed and all it can offer you and aim for a place in the top 3 and win some Cash!!!




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