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Black Friday – Do you REALLY need that item?

Black Friday - Do you REALLY need that item?



Fingers at the ready as Black Friday is upon us. It’s that time of year where people across the world go crazy for a bargain but does the hype and excitement of this much anticipated day get the best of us? Does it cloud our judgement and mean we end up thinking that we have got a deal when really it’s not that much of a bargain? Here is the best plan of attack for Black Friday to make sure you are getting the best from your hauls.

Do you need it?

So, a 60” TV has appeared on Amazon for £100 cheaper than it normally is but you only bought a 50” one last year, do you really need it? NO! Step away from the electrical goods. Chances are that the TV that is discounted on Amazon on Black Friday will be the same one that is discounted on Boxing Day or in the New Year sales, so if you don’t need it then wait.

Be prepared

Before all the craziness starts, sit down and write a list of the things you need. These can include Christmas gifts you still have to buy, birthday gifts, any household appliances that are on their way out or Fallout 4. Then, take yourself around the regular stores to price the items up as they are at the moment – this might seem like a lot of work but when your eyes are clouded by the sparkles of Black Friday it will make it easier for you to know whether you really are getting a good deal.

On the run up to the day, make sure you check multiple websites to see if they are going to be doing any Black Friday offers, most will have it listed on their homepage or even be giving a heads up over on their Facebook pages. This way you know which sites to avoid, saving you much needed hunting time – Asda have already said they won’t be participating this year so there is one crossed off your list for the day.

On the day

Don’t just go for the first offer you see because you know for a fact that as soon as you have bought it, you’ll find it elsewhere for £5 cheaper with free next day postage and a box of chocolates thrown in. Some places will have their offers on a timer so this is where being fast is key – and having that premade list to hand will help. Know where the items you want are sold and go through checking the offers and prices on each but don’t forget to check postage. Argos might have a Furby for £30 but then have £2.95 postage whereas Amazon might have it for £31.99 and you already have a Prime membership.


Set yourself a budget and stick to it, that way there will be no regrets when you buy that 60” TV that you really don’t need and then realise that you didn’t get Great Aunt Edna her Crazy Cat Lady teapot and can’t afford to now.

The key to getting the most from Black Friday is preparation, it’s easy to get swept up in the moment but if you are prepared, know what it is you are going to buy then there will be no regrets the next day.

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  1. This is the first year where I just haven’t gotten excited about Black Friday, haven’t spent a penny so far and won’t be at all today! Definitely going by, if I don’t need it or didn’t want it before today- don’t buy it! x

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