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What to think about when buying a new TV

What to think about when buying a new TV

Sponsored Post : With modern technology improving every day, there are so many things to consider nowadays  when buying a new television. What size do I need? Does it need to be a smart TV? What features must I have? What type do I need? as well as considering your budget. It can all become a bit confusing, and with tons of promotions and deals on the high street, how can you be sure you’re making the right choice?


First, you need to think how much you’re willing to splash out. TV’s start from as little as £50, but can go into the thousands for high spec & huge screens.  In my experience, a decent 42 inch flat screen will set you back around £400-£500.


Contrary to popular belief, bigger doesn’t always necessary mean better. You have to think of the size of the room you’re going to put the TV in. It’s no good putting a 54 inch flat screen in a tiny study, just as much is it is putting a 24 inch one in a huge living room. A lot of people including myself, favour a 40 or 42 inch screen.


HD-Ready or Full HD? HD-Ready is cheaper, but Full HD is far superior; you can enjoy Blu-Ray in it’s glory.

Then you have to consider what you want your TV to do. Do you want internet, so you can browse apps such as Facebook or Netflix from the comfort of your armchair? If so, a Smart TV is for you. Do you want to be able to enjoy films in 3D? If so, a 3D TV is right up your street. Bear in mind that you’ll have to wear special glasses to watch it, and pay for a subscription via Sky or BT.

There are many brands on the market, and it can be confusing which one to go for. I’ve recently bought a Panasonic Viera TV for my study, after recommendation from a friend, and it has not disappointed. The screen is high-quality and displays a fantastic picture, with crystal-clear sound quality. It has built-in Freeview HD with a full internet browser, as well as a USB port so I can connect my USB stick to view files and photos on the screen. I had some issues setting it up due to my lack of experience with anything too technical, but the Panasonic customer support is second to none, and I was up and running within 10 minutes. And best of all, it was on offer for far less than I expected to pay for a TV of this quality!

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  1. We made the jump from a 42″ to a 50″ at Christmas and I’m glad we did as we have quite a large living room so it was lost. This time we went for an all singing, dancing smart 3D and have loved being able to just connect to iPlayer or YouTube at the touch of remote button.

    We don’t watch live TV, don’t even have a TV licence so not having to run the PC to watch our on demand programs has been a big hit. We haven’t tried the 3D out yet though.

    LG is our favourite, and have never been let down by them; we even got the sound bar that matches the TV.

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