Blogging Toolkit – How to earn money from your blog

earn money from your blog

How to earn money from your blog Following on from Part 1 how to start your own blog and Part 2 creating content of our blogging toolkit we will now be talking to you about how to promote your blog and in turn how to get paid for creating content. Now that you have created your blog, found your blog niche and know how to use WordPress the important work can really begin. Having your own blog should be about writing about something that you are passionate about, or have…

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Blogging Toolkit – Creating Content

creating content

  Following on from Part 1 of our starting your own blog mini series we will be talking to you about how to create engaging content for your blog. When starting out with your new blog you want to try and decide if your blog fits in to a specific niche. For example your blog might be solely about parenting and you might want to brand yourself around being a parent and offering advice to other parents. If you want to give yourself a specific niche, such as parenting, and…

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Blogging Toolkit – How to start your own blog

The Money Shed Blogging Toolkit

  Blogging Toolkit – How to start your own blog Starting your own blog can feel like a real challenge. Today sees us sharing with you part 1 of our 3 part guide to getting started with your own WordPress blog. We are going to talk you through how to purchase your own domain name, how to obtain web hosting and how to get started with creating your WordPress blog. Coming up in parts 2 and 3 we have got guides on how to build your audience and most importantly, how…

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