How the Cheltenham Festival can make non-gamblers a huge amount of money!

How the Cheltenham Festival can make non-gamblers a huge amount of money!

When you think Horse Racing, you think gambling. The two have always been intrinsically linked.

However, thanks to the rise of Matched Betting, those that have never Gambled in their lives have the chance to make hundreds, sometimes thousands, of pounds on the four-day long Cheltenham Festival.

So why exactly is this such a profitable time for Matched Bettors? Well, simply put, the Cheltenham Festival is one of the world’s biggest horse racing events. As such, all the bookmakers will fall over themselves to ensure punters place their bets with them rather than their competitors.

The prize for them is the millions of pounds gambled by customers on each race.

Especially the Cheltenham Gold Cup, Champion Hurdle, Queen Mother Champion Chase and World Hurdle.  All of this results in an explosion of bookmaker offers.

New to matched betting?

Now for those new to matched betting, the way we make our money is from online offers provided by the bookmakers to their new and existing customers. During the Cheltenham festival the focus is on the offers provided to existing customers – also known as Reload offers.

Does this mean that if you’re a total matched betting Novice, you won’t be able to take advantage of Cheltenham? Well, not necessarily. Even if you’ve never heard of matched betting before, learning the concept behind it takes very little time.

So, even with Cheltenham just around the corner, there is still plenty of time to set up key bookmaker accounts in preparation for the festival.

Heads&Heads has a completely free trial to help you wrap your head around the concept.

Click here to give it a go!

Experienced matched bettors need to be preparing!

For the more experienced matched bettors, now is the time to start building up your bank roll and ensuring your bookmaker accounts are healthy.

If you’ve been matched betting for under a year and this is your first Cheltenham Festival, our main advice is – don’t underestimate the number of offers that will be available. 

Below is just a taste of what will be available on every race over the four days:

  • Lots of Price Boosts
  • Payouts on extra places
  • Larger Stakes accepted on the Price Boosts and Offers
  • Offers from probably every single bookie
  • Plenty of invite only offers sent to your inbox
  • Daily ITV Racing offers

There will be almost too much for you to do.

To give yourself the best possible chance of making big profits we’d actually recommend that you take the day off work (particularly on Thursday and Friday). This is just about the only time we’d recommend this.

If you are sceptical about whether such a commitment is worthwhile, let’s run through some of the numbers we expect to be seeing from Heads&Heads members based on the Cheltenham Festival last year.

Let’s talk money!

Now, this is the bit most of you actually care about. How much can really be made?

Obviously, the amount members make individually will vary depending on the commitment they make to all the offers and money-making opportunities available. However, even those who’ve just started matched betting should be well placed to make a few hundred quid.

Using numbers gathered last year from 45 members who shared information about their winnings, this is how it all added up:

  • Average profit per person £857.54
  • Total made across the 45 members = £38,589
  • Average Profit per day (4 days) = £214.39
  • Average hourly wage = £36 an hour
  • Based on the number of working days in a year (260 give or take), this hourly wage is effectively equal to a £56,000 a year job!

Keep in mind that all the above numbers are based on the ‘average’. If you put in the time and have the bankroll to support it, hitting £1,000 is more than possible!

How Heads&Heads can help!

At Heads&Heads we work tirelessly to bring all the offers, guides, videos software and customer support you need under one roof.

So, whether you are an experienced matched bettor looking to get full coverage of all the Reload offers available or completely new to the concept and looking to learn – Heads&Heads is the place to be.

To this end Heads&Heads is offering a number of exclusive discounts in the build up to and during Cheltenham to suit your circumstance.

Discount 1 – First month for £6 (Saving of £8.99)

Code: Cheltenham1 

Discount 2 – First 2 months for £12 (Saving of £17.98)

Code: Cheltenham2

Discount 3 – First 3 months for £18 (Saving of £26.97)

Code: Cheltenham3

These discounts will be available from 1st March to 31st March 2018.


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