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Be clever with your cash when playing Bingo online

Be clever with your cash when playing Bingo online 1

Bingo is a popular activity, and people participate in both online and offline versions of it. The first form of bingo was developed in 1929, by New York salesman, Edwin S. Lowe. He pioneered it and the following year the first bingo cards, similar to those still in use today, were used.

In the early 1960s, the BBC and ITV begin televising bingo and this resulted in the traditional bingo halls being opened. There are many online bingo sites: some of them exclusively bingo, and others part of more general sites on betting and gambling. Since the launch of the first bingo website in 1996, there are now some 3.4 million people playing bingo online at any one time, which accounts for 85% of all bingo players, with only 15% playing in the traditional bingo halls, such as Mecca. The mean average age of the bingo player has dropped from 65 to 42 now, with slightly more than 20% being in the 18-25 age group, which works out to be around 700,000 people in that age category in the UK. Many would assume that bingo comprises mostly women, and this is, in fact, true, with 80% of online bingo players being female, and 90% of those in bingo halls being female.

Although bingo is a game, it offers some high amounts in prizes, and The biggest ever jackpot payout from a bingo website was £5 million, which was in 2014, and the prizes are typically high and exciting. Bingo attracts a wide audience because of its flexibility and appeal – regardless of a person’s age, sex, interests or social situation, online bingo is accessible to everyone. The main thing to remember, though, is that is based on an element of luck and chance, and not skill. The chances of winning a jackpot are very small, for example the chances of winning the ‘Mega Millions Jackpot’ prize of $540 million, is only 176 million to one, which, to put it into perspective and compare it to what is viewed typically as a “rare occurrence”, is 176 times more likely to happen to you than winning that.

Although earning a win is based on luck and not skill, it is still a game of mathematics and therefore you can affect your chances of winning a prize, albeit a small one. If you choose to play online, the first rule of thumb is to find a reputable site or positively reviewed mobile app like Bingo Clash. Then you need to research a little to find the “off times”, which are those when there are fewer players online. Another tip is that you should play the average number of cards per player. If you play too few cards, you will have less chance of winning, and if you play too many, you will risk losing more money and the game will be harder to keep on top of.

With online bingo sites in particular, but also with the traditional bingo halls, there are a range of discount vouchers and deals to be had, especially for people that are new to specific bingo websites or venues. Check out cashback websites such as Quidco and Topcashback as well, for extra incentives on joining and playing.

Check out this infographic below which shows just how big a part luck can have to play when you play Bingo online.

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3 thoughts on “Be clever with your cash when playing Bingo online”

  1. I love a good game of bingo whilst out with the girls. However I am not a fan of doing them online myself. When you don’t physically see the game, its not as much fun.

  2. Yeah it is true being cleaver while playing online bingo or any other online casino game. Most important thing is to play within our limits. Do not play beyond the limit. Also before jumping into playing for real money first practice at site which provides free casino games. I am also online casino player and do the same.

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