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Clic and Walk Results Part 3 : What do you spend your earnings on?


Recently we have been working with Clic and Walk to run some ‘fact finding’ missions to find out how it is that you guys and gals go about earning money online. Here are the results from the third of three missions that were run (Parts one and two can be found here and here)

When earning extra money online, do you tend to save it or spend it right away?

For question 1, the results show that 153 of the 239 participants that gave their gender details were female, which is 64%, which means that 36% of the participants declaring their gender were male. Over three quarters of the total 239 participants (182 of them, which is 76.15%) declared that they save the money they earned online for a rainy day, while just under a quarter (57, making up 23.85%) declared that they spend anything they earn online immediately.

Generally, for what kind of expenditures do you use the extra money you earned online / via mobile apps? (multiple choices available)

For question 2, the results show that there was a good variety of things that people that earned money online spent this money on, with a slight majority (17.8%) citing clothes as being what they tend to spend the money on. Luxury goods, a social life and then bills were the following answers, with around 16-17% of respondents each giving these answers. Food and holidays and other types of expenditure were lower down, with slightly under 14% of respondents citing food, and under 10% each saying holidays or other, was what they tended to spend the money they earned online on.

If you have answered “Others”, please give us more details. If not, write down N/A

For question 3, the results show some responses that those people that answered ‘other’ in question 2 had given, when asked to specify what they spent the money they had earned online on. Answers included: sporting event tickets, days out with the family, hobbies – in particular one respondent answered that they collected glass vases, so the money they earned online helped to pay for these, an instrument, children, pampering activities such as a spa day or manicure, pedicure, etc, technology products, saving for Christmas, baby necessities, video games, gambling on sports, one-off treats, donating money to charity, saving for a wedding or a house, or saving for children’s futures.

What is the best thing you bought with the extra money you earned online / via mobile apps? Write down its name and take a picture of it.

For question 4, the results show what the participants declared to be the best things they had bought with the money they had earned online, and some participants included pictures. Here are a few examples of their answers, and the pictures:

A battery charger for an iPhone 6

A Dell laptop

A Hollister deodorant!

A dog

A Pandora ring

An owl

Mr Kipling Strawberry Fancies





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