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Clic and Walk Results Part 2 : How do you find new ways to earn money online?

The Money Shed chats to the Clic and Walk CEO Frédérique Grigolato

Recently we have been working with Clic and Walk to run some ‘fact finding’ missions to find out how it is that you guys and gals go about earning money online. Here are the results from the second of three missions that were run

How often do you use new ways of making money online (mobile apps, surveys, websites…) 

For question 1, the results show that 120 of the 193 participants that gave their gender details were female, which is 79.6%, which means that 21.4% of the participants declaring their gender were male. Over a third of the total 195 participants (70 of them, which is 35.9%) declared that they make money every day online, while a further 54 participants said they worked online a few times a week, and 17 saying they made money once a week. This meant that a total of 72.3% of the participants (141 people) had earned some money online in a single week. A further 22.5% answered that they earned some money online, with only 5% of the total participants claiming that they did not earn any money online. Of the people that answered that they earned money online every day, they were from both genders and a range of ages.

Tell us (approximately) how much extra money you have already made combining all the various ways of making extra money. If you have never tried to make extra money, tell us why. 

For question 2, the results show that there was an enormous difference in the amounts of money the participants had made, from £10, to £8,000 a year one participant claimed, and “over £9,000” was the answer stated by another. The remaining results were somewhere in between, with many in the thousands, and many also in the hundreds. It is clear that most of the participants made significant differences to their income from online earnings. A few people did comment that they remained sceptical about opportunities to earn money online, believing the majority of the ‘schemes’ to be scams.

On average, how much extra money do you make every month?

For question 3, the results show that the slight majority of the participants (61.3%) earned under £20 a month from online opportunities, although it was not specified whether this was in general every month, or whether individual participants maybe earned £100 once, and then nothing for a few months, for example. Several participants (17%) cited that they earned between £20 and £50 per month from online earnings. The remaining 22.5% of participants said that they earned more than £50 a month from online earnings, however, with quite a large amount (8.72%, 17 participants) saying that they earned over £100 a month online, which is over £1,000 per year.

With what have you made the most extra money? 

For question 4, the results show that the participants used a variety of apps and websites in order to earn money online, with eBay being cited often, as well as Clic & Walk, What Users Do, cashback websites such as Quidco and Topcashback. You Gov, Field Agent and Swagbucks were also popular answers given by the participants.

Do you have a last comment about making extra money? Don’t forget to check out this week “The Money shed” website 

For question 5, the results show that most of the participants were happy with the idea of earning money online, and also with the idea of the forum ‘the Money Shed’. Many participants also simply commented ‘no comment’.

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