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An experts guide to Clixsense

An experts guide to Clixsense 2

Money Shed member KatyKicker is a real professional when it comes to the world of ClixSense. She has kindly written this guide to help people maybe just starting with the site get the most from it and really boost their earnings.

Here is my guide on how to maximise your earnings on Clixsense. I have personally made around $3,500, just from Clixsense alone.

Clixssense is not a scam and I am happy to offer advice, tips and answer any questions so please feel free to ask me on the official thread mentioned above. While I don’t have all of the answers I’ve learned a lot about Clixsense over the last 18 months that I have been active so let’s help you start earning extra cash from home.

How to earn on Clixsense

To join Clixsense you will need to use an e-mail address, confirm this, sign in and then you will see the Clixsense homepage. This guide is laid out in the present order of earning opportunities as displayed along the top toolbar on the website.

View Ads – Members are guaranteed at least one advert per day, worth $0.01 for a 30 second viewing. There are four types of adverts, with prices ranging from $0.001 up to $0.02 for premium members. At present there are at least 20 adverts per day, depending on the time of day that you visit.

Surveys – Here you can find a list of all the present survey opportunities available. Surveys are on offer from a variety of companies including ToLuna, OpinionWorld and Values tend to range from $0.47 up to around $6.00. Surveys with a value of $3.00+ usually have a validation period of up to 60 days. I personally don’t complete these often, just because the wait puts me off, but on the occasions I have my payments have come through slightly after the 30 day mark. The survey section gives you a rough idea of how long the survey will take, as well as when it first become available. Typically disqualifications occur within the first few questions, sometimes before you’ve even answered a question, and there is a warning triangle that appears if there is a risk of being disqualified late into the survey.

There are a number of daily survey companies here, including GlobalTestMarket ($1.25 per survey), Your Surveys ($0.83 per survey) and more. Some of these can be completed once per 24 hours, others multiple times per day. It is worth checking these links more than once a day, if you are already online, as the surveys are replenished frequently. It is not unusual for me to make $10 in well under an hour, usually while completing other things online too.

Offers – The offers page is where you will find all of the various offer walls that Clixsense provides you access to. The ClixOffers part of the Offers page has ‘Radio Loyalty’. This allows you to earn $0.01 per 30 minutes. This requires you to input a captcha code, which can be sporadic, and personally I don’t complete radio loyalty, but some people earn another $50 a year just for running this while already online.

You should only complete each offer one time, regardless of whether it is on multiple walls. If you are caught completing the same offer multiple times then you can be banned from accessing offer walls. Revenue Universe is well known for this so be alert.

Completing paid competitions and website registrations can lead to your information being sold on so exercise caution when providing your details. Some websites have in built software that allows them to confirm the validity of your telephone number before you hit submit. A pay-as-you-go sim card can be ideal for this purpose.

If you have an offer that does not credit most walls have their own support buttons and typically the Clixsense helpdesk will not be able to help with these offers direct.

Here is an overview of what to expect from each offer wall:


This is an offer wall that has a variety of trials and offers. Examples of offers include spend $7 on purchasing a domain name for 1 year, with no recurring order, and receive 2,000 Clixcents. This is worth $20. Some offers take from 30-60 days to credit but others credit instantly. When placing an order with Very recently I received around $3, which was better value than TopCashBack could offer me on this specific order. You can find a wide variety of casino offers, photograph gift purchases, entertainment free trials and more. The offers are grouped to make it easier to find free offers, paid surveys etc.


This offer wall is a mixture of website registrations, competition entries, shopping offers and paid surveys. Some of the offers here will bombard you with spam, the same as on quite a few of the offer walls, so be cautious about what information you provide.

Peanut Labs

There is a wide variety of surveys available here daily. The surveys usually range from 33 – 67 cents and credit immediately. There is a cap, for most people, of 3 surveys per 24 hour period. You will have to answer about 25 demographic questions before accessing most of the surveys here but this is usually something you only have to do once throughout your Clixsense membership. I find that I qualify for about 20-25% of the surveys that I complete but for the most part disqualifications happen within the first one or two questions, so it doesn’t take long to find 3 surveys per 24 hours. There are paid videos here and the usual paid competitions, website sign ups and other similar offers.


There are lots of paid offers here including paid website registrations, casino offers, app downloads for both iOS and Android, paid competitions and other click based offers. Many of the offers here are available on other offer walls, usually for more money, but there are some unique offers here most weeks.


Here you will find paid applications, paid surveys, paid Android and iOS downloads and more. The offers are grouped and this makes it simple to just look for paid mobile application downloads or surveys etc. To download an application for your iPhone, for example, you just click the item, insert your email and then you’ll receive a link to your email for the download to commence. Some of the applications require you to play them, for a short while, and others credit instantly. You will receive another email when the offer has credited and it is rare for these to not credit properly for me. Note: If you’ve downloaded an application before you will not receive credit for the offer.


This offer wall has a mixture of paid trials, surveys, website registrations and videos. The offers are a little scarce at times but it is worth checking back at least once a week, as they load new offers frequently.


There is quite a wide mixture of paid trials, paid videos, application downloads, shopping offers and surveys to be found here. The videos can be hit and miss and mine frequently disappear for weeks at a time, despite me not completing them on any other website. Being based in the UK means that certain sections of this offer wall cannot be accessed, such as the ‘Share’ and ‘Premium’ sections. It isn’t unusual to get 10 videos per day here, although this can be sporadic as I mentioned.

Revenue Universe

This offer wall allows you to complete unlimited surveys per day. There are quite a few survey opportunities each day for me, although like all surveys these can be hit and miss for me. There are also numerous other offers that can be found on the other offer walls that I have mentioned above. The fees are quite generous here and this is one of the better offer walls, along with TrialPay.

This offer wall is very similar to the others but it offers ‘levels’ for you to earn. You can receive bonus Clixcents for each level that you earn so this is a nice incentive. You can find a few quick offers here that will allow you to reach the next level with ease, and receive some bonus Clixcents too.


This offer wall has a vast array of 1 click offers, paid adverts, shopping offers, mobile downloads and paid surveys. This is a relatively new offer wall, so I am not up to date with all that it offers, but it seems that a quick small amount of cents can be made here, for just a few minutes of time. This is an ideal offer wall to visit in order to achieve your daily check-list.

Tasks – Here you will find tasks on offer from CrowdFlower. This is really something that requires its own guide, as it can take a little time to get your head around. Basically you are paid to complete a wide variety of different tasks. As you complete more tasks you unlock levels (from 1-3) and this allows you access to better paying and faster tasks. Quite a few of the tasks are low paid, so I avoid these, but there are frequently surveys from universities around the World on a variety of topics and a number of other interesting tasks. Some tasks literally just require you to copy out the words on a PDF document while others require you to use Google and search for a specific term. The tasks have instructions with them, although it can take a little time to wade through some of them, and it really is a case of picking and choosing the tasks based on the sort of work that you enjoy. Some people spend hours every day here, I personally spend about 10-15 minutes a day, at most, looking at the different tasks and seeing what is on offer. As I have around 18 months experience with CrowdFlower I am used to what tasks I like and what Arne worth bothering with however this has taken some time.

Each task is different and patience is required. Some of the instructions can feel long winded, because they are, but if you’ve made it this far in my guide you should be fine to read the instructions on a task!

There is a $5 bonus for each $50 of tasks that you complete via Clixsense. This is a nice bonus and you will receive an email informing you the moment you hit your next $50 increment. There is also a weekly leaderboard, rewarding members with prizes from $2 to $50, based on the number of tasks completed and I personally have been on this leaderboard a few times over the last 18 months, without actively trying – so it is possible.

ClixGrid – Each day you receive chances on the ClixGrid. You can find sums of money ranging from $0.10 up to $10.00. The most I have ever won is $0.50 and I only complete the required amount of clicks to complete the daily check-list. Some people complete their 30 or 60 clicks religiously, but on average, from the statistics I’ve seen, it works out to about $0.002 per 50 clicks! If you select ‘Lock Picture’ then this will prevent the page from continually refreshing each time you’ve completed one click.

Advertise – This is where you can choose to advertise websites to offer members. You could use this to advertise your own website or blog. You could also use it to link people to other paid website opportunities, although this isn’t something that I have done personally. Premium members have received free advertising credits in the past.

Affiliates – This is where you can read more information about the Clixsense affiliate program. This guide already contains enough information and I would just be copying and pasting a vast array of text otherwise.

Forum – This it the Clixsense Forum. I have used this, on occasion, to discuss problems with tasks and to see if other people are experiencing the same problems as me. It has been useful but I’ve also been accused of being a cheater on a day when I made over $160 from one task in about 3-4 hours. I avoid this Forum mostly now, but it is useful for finding new offers or just reading about the experience of others on the site.

Daily Check-list Bonus

Each day that you complete 5 things per day you will receive a 5% bonus on your earnings (PTC, Offers, Tasks, Surveys etc – not including task bonuses) if you have a standard (free) membership. If you are a premium member then you will receive a 12% bonus on your daily earnings. This is added when the new day begins, which is 5am GMT. These are the bonus requirements:

View PTC Adverts – 2 Per day

ClixGrid game – Click 20 ClixGrid squares per day, running each one for 10 seconds (this is reduced to 5 seconds if you are a premium member).

Complete Tasks/Offers – Either 10 Tasks or 2 offers. Alternatively you can complete 5 tasks and 1 offer.

Visit Forum – This just requires you to click on the Forum, nothing more.

In addition to these 5 requirements you can earn another 2 bonuses. 1% for each if you are a standard member and 2% for each if you are a premium member. You can earn an ‘Activity Bonus’ after completing the check-list 3 days in a row. You can also run the ClixAddOn extension, for Google Chrome and selected other browsers, for a minimum of 60 minutes per day to receive another bonus. In total this means standard members can earn 7% on top of their daily earnings and premium members can earn 16% – which is fantastic when you consider that Clixsense is one of the best paying ‘Get Paid To’ websites around.

Cashout – This is the important part of course! Standard members can cashout once their balance is $8 or over, for premium members the minimum cashout is $6. Payouts arrive via Paypal and a 3% fee is deducted, which you are informed of when making your cashout. You should aim to cashout by 7pm UK Time Monday and Friday, in order to receive your payment that evening. You can request your cashout at any time but payments are processed late evening our time on Monday and Friday only. On occasion, such as public holidays, there are changes to the payment schedule but we are usually informed of this in advance. Once the funds arrive they are immediately withdrawable.

Note: The first time you cashout it is not unusual to receive a payment of $0.01. This is just to verify that your Paypal account is valid. 

Premium Membership – This costs $17 per year and you can use your Clixsense earnings. I personally use my earnings to pay for this and know that as long as I make about $180-$190 a year that I will make back the difference between the free and paid membership just thanks to the increased check-list. The membership lasts for 1 year and it does not automatically renew either, so you don’t have to worry about losing any of your balance unexpectedly. You receive more commission for any referrals you sign up but the main boost is definitely the difference with the daily check-list bonus.

If you earn all bonuses then on a $100 balance a standard member would receive a $7 bonus while a premium members would receive a $16 bonus. This is an incredible difference and even if you just aim to make $1 a day 5 days a week you would make more money by upgrading to premium membership, however this is optional of course.

ClixAddOn – This is a browser extension for Google Chrome and Firefox. There may be other browsers it is available for, I’m not entirely sure. This AddOn sits on the right hand side of Google Chrome and flashes to advise you when there are new paid opportunities. You can see, at a glance, your balance, today and yesterday’s earnings, your total earnings, how many PTC adverts are currently available and the amount of surveys and tasks currently waiting for you to attempt. You can tweak the sounds on this too, for different items, and this can be a very useful item to help increase your earnings and remind you to check the site frequently.

One final thing to note is that Clixsense have confirmed previously that Internet Explorer will never receive this AddOn, although this could change in the future of course.

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