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The importance of confidence when working from home

The importance of confidence when working from home


Earning money online from home is all well and good but for me, if there is one BIG negative it would have to be the confidence issue.

Working alone means that you never have people to bounce your thoughts and ideas off which can be crucial when you don’t know where to turn for work or maybe have just started working for a company and need some extra help. Or most importantly, there is no one to help pick you up when things change for the worse.

I have found over the years that this has happened quite a lot. One minute you are coasting through earning X amount of pounds each month and then wham, that opportunity is taken away from you and you are left with no way to rectify that lost cash without finding replacement work.

It can be a worrying time and having confidence that you can find something else to replace that income or you can learn a new method of working to further your opportunities is something that requires real confidence.

From my experience there are 2 types of people that try to earn online. Those that want a small amount each month (£100-£200) and those that are trying to earn a decent 2nd income each month (£500+).

The first can usually be done by knuckling down and grabbing every survey/swagbucks opportunity around them. The second one more than likely will mean you end up working for another company (still self employed) but with a more regular work schedule.

When things change for the negative for those people in the latter category it really can be a shock to the system. What was there has gone and what you planned to do has literally been taken away from you.

Recently I have had that happen to me and even after the ‘shock and awe’ of it all at the time it’s the confidence that I find gets knocked in the long term.

As you go around looking for other work you begin to question the decisions you make. Is this company right for me? Can I actually do this work in the long term? These are things I would have never wondered before but you begin to doubt your ability.

I think part of that comes from the way in which work can end for you with a company as it can appear very harsh. There is no sitting down with HR and being let go, there is just an email maybe and that’s that. No leaving do, no colleagues to say ‘don’t worry, it will all be fine’. There is nothing, just the end of yet another period of working from home and a feeling of ‘What unearth do I do now?’

It’s not until you start working for another company that you realise how big a part confidence can play in working online from home. Without confidence in what you are doing you can begin to second guess your decisions about the work you produce, something you may have never done before.

As times goes on and you get back into your usual manor you begin to trust your judgement again however I don’t feel I am at that place right now and it may take a few more months of working for a new company before I feel that I can plan for things financially and feel confident in the work that I do online from home.

The thing is, I have been in this position many MANY times before where work I was doing was taken away from me for a number of reasons and I don’t even know why it surprises me anymore. When you sign up to be self-employed and work for companies you sign up to this kind of ad hoc work lifestyle.

One of the best ways to help keep your confidence in a good state is to make sure you stay part of community site like our main hub over at The Money Shed which gives you access to a community of fellow UK workers you can chat to and help you out if you ever need any assistance of both the practical and emotional sense.

It could be said that the only way to stop this sort of thing happening is to be in control of the work yourself and run your own platform such as a website or a blog where you control the finances and have more control over what work could potentially come your way.






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