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Do you pay more just to buy British?

Do you pay more just to buy British?



A new study by an online shopping voucher website My Voucher Codes has arrived at the conclusion that the majority of shoppers in the UK would prefer to purchase products that were made in the UK.

Clothing, technology and products that fall under the category of health and beauty accounted for the items that shoppers declared they would be most happiest purchasing ‘made in the UK’ items. 58% of those respondents to the survey by said that they would prefer to purchase items that had been made in the UK rather than foreign-made products, with 25% saying they wouldn’t prefer this, and 17% declaring that they were not at all concerned with where the items they purchased had been made.

One major disadvantage that consumers must face when choosing to purchase products that have been made in the UK, is cost. In many cases, the costs of producing these products, from the sourcing of the raw materials to make them, to the actual making of the products, and all of the associated costs with that (premises, labour, transport, and so on), are much higher than the costs of producing similar items elsewhere in the world. In many other countries, even in Europe, but certainly in Asia, for example, replicas of items that are made in the UK are made at a fraction of the price of their UK made counterparts, and can be shipped to the UK cheaply and efficiently nowadays. With regard to the cost of items made in the UK versus abroad, the respondents to the survey were mixed, with 40% saying they would pay more for UK-made items and 39% saying that they wouldn’t pay more. A further 21% declared that they would possibly pay more for items that had been made in the UK, depending on the item.

While one disadvantage to insisting on the purchasing of products that have been made in the UK is the cost of such items, one advantage is the quality of such items. It is widely accepted and acknowledged, and indeed the survey results highlight this fact, that products made more cheaply and using cheaper raw materials, in other countries around the world, are often of an inferior quality. In clothing, the fabrics are inferior, look cheaper and fade more easily, and the stitching is often shoddy. Toys and other items are made from cheaper plastics, with less attention to detail and items are not as long-lasting as those that are made in the UK.

Almost 50% of the respondents to the survey said that they would pay more money for clothing and footwear that had been made in the UK rather than abroad, with 43% declaring they would pay more for technology items that had been made in the UK, a figure that seems high considering many mobile phones and tablets, etc, are actually made abroad. Health and beauty products and small electrical appliances/white goods also saw a lot of the respondents plump for paying more for UK-made items.

Some further reasons given by the respondents to the survey as to why they would prefer to buy UK-made products is that it would give a much-needed boost to the UK economy, providing more jobs for people in the UK, and also that people that made the items are generally taken care of better in the UK, with better pay and conditions than some foreign countries.

2 thoughts on “Do you pay more just to buy British?”

  1. We try to buy British where we can but it mostly tends to be food where we do this such as meat and fruit/veg.

    We recently bought a set of earphones and the appealing thing was that they were UK made and you could customise them; they were £35 so a lot more expensive than a pair from China but you do get what you pay for.

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