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If you are trying to earn money from home and not making at least £700 a month then you aren’t doing it right!!

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Working from home is becoming more and more popular as childcare costs rise, people look for ways to be their own boss or just want to top up their current earnings. Now more than ever there are so many ways to make genuine money from home, especially since the internet became a household staple. Bringing home an extra wage is more than doable and if you are only earning pennies or basically if you are not able to earn £700 a month from home then you are simply just doing it wrong!

We have a very detailed post showing how you can earn an extra £5000+ of income from home in our 20 Ways to Earn Money From Home post but for now you can check out how you can boost your income with these opportunities that are available to everyone and if you urgently need more money then take a look at our HOW TO GET MONEY FAST post!

Stop Press: We’ve put up what is, without a doubt, a hugely detailed review all about the Curve Money Card which is designed so that you can bring all of your cards into one single card. Unlike those traditional plastic cards you’d be used to, the Curve Card is all controlled through an app which can be easily downloaded onto your smartphone.

From there you can add as many cards, whether they are credit or debit cards, meaning everything is in the one, easily accessible place.

Once you sign up you will get £5 for FREE put onto your Curve Card. That’s it, There’s no catch at all!!

I used mine at Amazon (Using our Amazon Discount Finder Tool) and you can use the card anywhere that accepts Mastercard which is pretty much anywhere both on and off the Internet!

I used mine at Amazon and you can use the card anywhere that accepts Mastercard which is pretty much anywhere both on and off the Internet!

This really is a great way to bag yourself £5 for just 2 minutes work and start your online earning journey!


Qmee is a very easy site to use when it comes to earning money via surveys. They offer a real mixture of topics and on top of the usual survey offering give you the chance to download their browser plugin and actually get PAID CASH just by searching Google! It’s a great site to use and can be a nice little earner over time with the amounts really stacking up! One HUGE advantage compared to other survey sites it that there is NO MINIMUM CASHOUT so you can withdraw your money as fast as you earn it on their site! surveys

As you can see from the image above offer Surveys and online 1-on-1 focus groups with a fantastic rate of pay. I’ve signed up to do simple webcam chats on a range of topics for an hour which pays $60 (Around £47) so if surveys are your thing then this is well worth jumping on!

If you want to know more about this sort of work check out our blog post all about high paying research studies.

Matched Betting

For the majority of us Shedders, this is by far the biggest earner. You only have to read through the Matched Betting thread or the monthly Money Making Challenge thread to see that those doing it are earning a STUPID amount of real cash. This is TAX-FREE and everyone should be doing this to kick off their earnings each month. It takes minutes to get started, a small amount of cash investment (£60 normally does it) and a few clicks to give the Profit Accumulator free trial a go – BOOM, £45 (or thereabouts) made right off the bat and it’s RISK-FREE.

If you would like to check out Profit Accumulator in more details then check out our comprehensive review of them where you will find exclusive offers you can take advantage of when signing up. We also have one of the other largest matched betting company out there OddsMonkey. This is on top of my blog post about how I’ve made over £40,000 TAX FREE since I started Matched Betting a few years ago and finally it’s well worth you checking our Beginner’s Guide to Matched Betting blog post if you are brand new to it all!

That’s £500-£1000 a month alone!


There are many ways in which creating a blog can see you bring in some money. One of those ways is through affiliate marketing, which is the quickest way to earn via blogging; you basically write a post and link it to an affiliate page so if people who read your post and buy, you get then a percentage of the money spent. Guest blogging is a great way to bring in some additional income, if you’re pretty knowledgeable in a particular area then you could reach out to other bloggers and offer to write them a post – or keep an eye out for bloggers looking for a guest (Twitter is a great place for this #prrequest #bloggerswanted).

Totally Blogging logo

Make sure you take advantage of our EXCLUSIVE offer with UK hosting company HostPresto who can offer you a fully self-hosted blog for just £33 a year when selecting the DECA package!

Web Search Evaluation

Another regular income earner on the forum is web search evaluation through LeapForce, LionBridge or Appen Butler Hill. These three companies offer regular, hourly paid, flexible positions from home completing a number of different types of tasks which sees the evaluators conduct research, evaluation and give feedback on search engine results. They measure the relevance and usefulness of web pages against a redefined set of queries. There is an application process for them all which can take a couple of weeks to full complete and they offer a short-term contract which is normally between 6-12 months long; it is then reviewed and a decision made whether to continue your contract.

Average earnings are £300-£700 a month.


AQA (formally 63336) are a text based question and answer service. Their customers text in a question and they use researchers to reply with an answer. Each question answered nets the researcher cash which is paid monthly (as long as the researcher reaches £100 payout threshold). This is a genuine company for people looking for a regular income stream, it involves applying for a position (email CV to and an exam to test the applicant for spelling, grammar and punctuation as well as their ability to do the required research in order to answer the questions.

As you are paid per question and campaign times can vary, your monthly income can vary but average £100-£500 a month.

Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping has been around since the dawn of time and sounds quite daunting but it really isn’t. You’re paid to evaluate a company based on a set of specific guidelines so the company can ensure their standards are being met and/or make improvements. Over the years, with the introduction of online shopping, mystery shopping has grown from being just an in-person experience to a large virtual one too. Many online retails want not only their website, customer service and user experience evaluating but their checkout, delivery and returns – this means they’ll pay you to order items and/or return them. So that’s FREE stuff as well as some cash.

Take a look at eDigitalResearch, they have a range of website, mobile site and app mystery shopping opportunities. MarketForce is a great company to be with for instore mystery shopping and they offer a huge variety of opportunities from pubs, restaurants, fast food and bookies, to name but a few. It’s not possible to say how much this can bring you in each month because it depends on so many things such as where you live, how far you can travel and how much work is needed but there are people who earn a full-time wage, check out this interview with someone who does this.

Red Wigwam

Red Wigwam are taking the recruitment scene by storm, their vision is to bridge the gap between those companies who only want temporary employees and those employees who only need as and when work. Offering to their member base jobs that can last an hour or a week, they really are creating a new way to top up your income. A job they’ve recently had listed saw you earn £72 for the day – the job was handing out samples in a local store; easy cash.

Smartphone apps

If you don’t have a smartphone, then why not? You can pick up a basic one for next to nothing these days and earning money from them is so simple. Just like mystery shopping, companies are interested to know whether the stores they sell in are showing off their products the best they can – is the newest Marvel Blueray at the front of the store or are the ready salted crisps easy enough to find. These apps often require you to pop to a local store, snap up a few photos and answer a few questions then submit it to them to receive your payment. There are many on the market to use though some of them can be phone brand specific.

Roamler, Streetbees, Streetspotr, BeMyEye, Clic and Walk and Yoobic are all available on both iPhone and Android offering a multitude of tasks that pay anywhere between £2 and £5+.

Smartphone apps could see you earning, on average, anything up to or over £100 a month.


Mindswarms are a great company who offer you a VERY good fee to make a few short videos either on your phone or PC/laptop based around the assignment set, these are normally about 5 minutes long in total so extremely quick to do. Their assignments are sporadic but they are probably the easiest cash you’ll ever make.


Appjobber is Europe’s leading micro jobbing app; a crowdsourcing app that enables you to do mini-jobs from your mobile phone. Its members earn £80-£100 every month by spend a few minutes each morning sending in screenshots.

WhatUsersDo, Usertesting and Utest

WhatUsersDo, Usertesting and Utest offer the chance to evaluate the functionality and usability of websites but unlike mystery shopping, these evaluations are vocal; these companies want to actually hear your thoughts as you think them. Tasks normally take no more than 20 minutes to complete. The payments vary for these with WhatUsersDo paying £8 for a desktop task and £15 for a mobile task, Usertesting pay depending on the individual video and Utest is a little more technical with a more regular payment cycle.

There are a few other ways to top up your monthly earnings which are more dependent on your circumstances and what you have to offer.

Offering your services

Can you write, draw, knit, paint, bake, design websites etc.? If so, then there is someone out there who is willing to pay for those services. Websites such as Fiverr and PeoplePerHour are great way to offer up your skills and get paid for them, these sites are mainly suited to digital work though some companies may advertise local work. Pickle is a phone app which advertises a variety of work, anything from cleaning someone’s car to designing them a website; both local and remote work is available.

As you can see, anyone can earn a minimum of £700 each month doing one or all of the things listed above. The Money Shed once again showing you that there is some serious cash to be made using genuine, tried and tested ways that are available to everyone. What are you waiting for?

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6 thoughts on “If you are trying to earn money from home and not making at least £700 a month then you aren’t doing it right!!”

  1. Hi Jon, thanks for the great post.

    There’s quite a bit to get me going but for someone who works full time and can spare about 1 to 2 hours per night, what would you suggest that would bring in ideally £300 or more P/M?

    1. Hey Lee!!

      Thanks for the positive comments!

      I myself work full time in a job and just do an hour or two a night but easily manage to bring in a few thousand each month (my earnings diary is over on the forum if you want to take a look) so I like yourself only have an hour or two spare in the evenings

      I would recommend matched betting (if you click the link for profit accumulator in the post above you can do the feee trial and make £45 and see just how easy it is)

      I make a few thousand from that each month and best of all its TAX FREE so you don’t have to include it with the rest of your self employed earnings.

      On top of that I also work for leapforce which is mentioned about and I usually bring in a few hundred a month working for them as they pay as hourly rate which is above the UK national minimum wage.

      If you have any further questions just dive right into the forum and Come and join a community full of people doing the very same!!!!

    2. Hi – apologies if I am posting this in the wrong place, but wanted to let you know that AQA 6336 has suspended new applications. I was interested in reading about them in this post, so thought I’d apply straight away. I received an automated response with the above information and a note to say that the application would be kept on file to be reviewed when an application window opens.

      brgds, Nick

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