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Earn money doing jobs and dares with Pickle

Earn money doing jobs and dares with Pickle 4

Do any job from anywhere in the UK with Pickle

If you’re a regular on The Money Shed’s forum, you might be familiar with Pickle. We launched our beta version in May 2014, and have been growing and getting to know what our users want and need from our app. But even if you knew Pickle before, you might be in for a surprise. A good one, we promise!

A few weeks ago we launched Pickle 2.0: a completely revamped app with a new look & feel. We also have a new logo, new website and new market approach. What do these changes mean for you? Well, first of all we ironed out a few issues and introduced new app functionality that had been requested by our users. But naturally, this is a work in progress, so if you have any feedback or ideas you would like to see implemented, give us a shout at


If only Dares were paid… With Pickle they are!


Pickle users can post and apply to do various kinds of tasks: Dreams, Dares and regular jobs. A Dream is anything inspiring that helps you achieve your aspirations. Have you ever dreamed of becoming a model for one day or getting that extra pair of hands to help you in planning that dream surprise proposal/party? Perhaps you dream just to do nothing and want someone to take care of all your chores? Challenge others on Pickle to make these Dreams come true for you!


Along with Dreams, we have also recently introduced Dares on Pickle. A Dare is any bold challenge you come up with, just for fun. Dares have really changed the way users see and interact with Pickle. These are fun challenges that users can accept for a price. They then complete the Dare, record it and share the video.


Anyone can dare anyone else to do anything (legal), from singing in public to kissing a stranger on the street. Students have fully engaged with this new version of our app and frequently call us ‘the real life Nerve’ – referring to the movie being launched on August 11. Just take a look at our Facebook page and you’ll see what the fuss is all about. As some of you know, we were here first 😉 , but we welcome the happy coincidence, as it’s getting more people talking about Pickle and realising the potential of using it for more than just Dares. In fact, any job you need doing, from delivering your favourite artisan pastry to writing a poem, can be done through Pickle.


How much money can I make?


It’s up to you! There are new jobs posted everyday on the Pickle app. Some are location-based, others can be done from anywhere. Some tasks pay a tenner, others hundreds of pounds. You can take up as few or as many as you like, as long as you can finish them on time. Unlike many apps that offer a fixed price per task, on Pickle you can negotiate how much you want to get paid for each job.



What sorts of jobs and dares can I do or get done?


Anything, from writing a blog post to delivering a hot meal, clearing out someone’s shed, or painting a mural. We also have people being dared to shave their head, jump fully clothed into a public fountain, or hug complete strangers on the street. And yes, there are people paying you to do that! You can apply to other people’s jobs and dares or create your own. Anything goes, as long as it’s legal and does not endanger or offend other users.


Why would I post jobs on Pickle?


Firstly, to save money. Let’s say you want to give your holiday snaps the Photoshop treatment, but the quotes you’re getting are too expensive. Post a job on Pickle and have other users bid on it until you get the right price for you. A second reason might be to save time looking through the classifieds trying to find someone to clean your flat or walk your dog. In under a minute you can post a job on Pickle and have applicants come to you instead. Finally, Pickle has a very diverse community, able to meet all sorts of demands, ranging from the mundane to the outlandish. Maybe the job you need is so unique, there’s no company ready to offer that service yet. Just post it on Pickle and see the magic happen! As you can see, Pickle can be your one stop shop for anything and everything you need doing.



How do I get started?


Go to If you’re on iOS, tap the link to download the app to your iPhone. If you’re on Android, please add your details to the form, so we can notify you once we release Pickle on the Google Play Store. Pickle used to be available on both platforms, but with the latest iOS release, our Android version became too unstable. However, if you’re an Android user, don’t worry. We have not forgotten you and are working on making Pickle 2.0 available to you too. Just sign up to the waiting list on our website and we’ll keep you updated.


After you’ve installed Pickle and signed up, follow these three simple steps to configure your account and get the best out of the app:


  1. Go to your Profile and upload a photo.
  2. Tap the Job Tracker button and customise the distance and price range for which you wish to receive alerts. You can also select specific job categories to receive alerts for only those, or leave all unselected and receive alerts for any kind of job.
  3. Set up payments. We recommend you do this before applying to or posting a job, as it will save you time later. We use Stripe, an external and recognised payments provider, to manage our payments. You can learn more about them here. When filling out the Stripe form, you can skip the fields that do not apply to you (e.g., if you’re an individual, you can skip the business-related fields).


That’s it! You are now ready to find and post jobs with Pickle! But before you go we would like to send a word of appreciation to all our users, new and old, for their support and patience while we work on making Pickle a better app for everyone. We can only make it work with your help, and see you as part of our extended team. Keep sending us your feedback and suggestions. And if you have a minute to spare, please spread the word. The more people we reach, the more jobs there will be on the app. And that’s more money for you to make with Pickle.

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