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Earn Money Online in the UK with The Money Shed

Earn Money Online in the UK with The Money Shed

If you’re looking to earn money online, whether you want a full time income on your terms, a bit of extra money to fit around childcare or just a little bit extra to help you save for something special, then The Money Shed is the place to visit.

How to earn money online with The Money Shed

The Money Shed is a friendly and welcoming community of people who want to earn money online, and full of great advice. Whether it’s letting you know of mystery shopping opportunities you can sign up for, such as the recent Streetbees campaign which paid £7 for every store visited checking the Lego movie advertising stands (check it out here), to real reviews of working from home opportunities such as 63336 the text question answering service. The Money Shed has a wealth of honest and real information about what works, the best strategy to use, how much effort you really need to put in and what you’re going to get out of it.

As well as giving you all the information on these opportunities available to earn money online, The Money Shed has a fantastic diary section. Within it it lets members post up goals, and show their earning progress, giving a great honest view on how much paid surveys, text answering and mystery shopping can actually earn you. Here is Jon’s, the founder of The Money Shed.

Members of The Money Shed come from all backgrounds and all walks of life. Some have regular jobs and love the additional income, some are full time parents, using mystery shopping with the kids in tow to help earn a few extra pennies for treats, and some are full time online earners, making a living by doing surveys, focus groups, mystery shopping, blogging and whatever else takes their fancy.

The atmosphere is very friendly, open and supportive. If you’re sharing a new opportunity there will be some searching and piercing questions, but only to try and understand exactly who that opportunity is for and how it will work. If you’re new to earning money online in the UK or just want to try something new, then everyone is happy to help you get started, give hints and tips on what to do, and share their experience with you.

If you have an online store, blog or any other site then unlike most other forums The Money Shed is happy for you to link to it, show others what you do and have it in your signature, making this a great place to gain critical and honest feedback to improve your site, and promote it in general.

I came to The Money Shed as a rep for a direct selling company, and I’ve shared my experience of both that company and direct selling in general, and in return I’ve found help and support in finding other ways to add to our household income while still spending every minute possible with my young son, help setting up my blog, and a community that is genuinely supportive and welcoming of everyone.

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