Earn money passively on your Android phone with Lucky Leftovers

Earn money passively on your Android phone with Lucky Leftovers 4

Today we’ve got a guest post from Money Shed fanatic Naina who has found a fantastic app that is EXCLUSIVE to Android and can earn you a great passive income!


Lucky Leftovers

I like passive earnings. This means apps that I don’t have to sit and press things and check things, etc.

Lucky Leftovers is an ANDROID only app, which I class as a passive earner.

What is Lucky Leftovers?

It is an android only app on your Smartphone, which allows you to earn and win competitions using your leftover text messages from your prepaid credit or contract credit.

I have been using this app since August  2016 and have so far earnt £67.83 through a mixture of entering competitions, running videos and referrals.









How does Lucky Leftovers work?

First of all you need to be on a text plan on your Smartphone, which either allows unlimited texts (fair usage policy applies to all Smartphone plan providers) or capped texts each month. Your provider should be able to tell you what your fair usage policy is, even when it says unlimited.

We don’t all use all our text messages every month, do we? Unless you are a teenager, in which case you may do! I don’t, so this app is for me. I am with GiffGaff and although my plan says unlimited, fair usage policy is 5000 texts per month.

Lucky Leftovers enters competitions that you select through the app, and sends text messages using your Smartphone, your Smartphone number and the text messages you limit it to, daily. For each text message sent you earn 1p. Today I have earnt  12p so far, payable in 45 days.







So you are earning for entering competitions and also have a chance to win the prize you have entered for. You can only enter the competitions on the app; I personally haven’t won yet, but know of others who have.

What kind of competitions?

You can earnt to win monthly cash amounts, weekly cash amounts, DAB Radios, headphones, speakers, a trip up the Shard, London, Spa days and much more.










Will I get spammed?

Most definitely not. I have been using the app for over a year, and not once have I received telephone calls or text messages from 3rd parties who have obtained my mobile number in a mysterious way.

When do I get paid?

Payments take 45 days from entry.  You can cash out at a minimum of £5 by either Paypal or Amazon voucher. Payment is usually sent within 4-5 days after cashout. With Amazon, you are sent a voucher code by email. With Paypal, you will get notification you have been paid.

For example if you signed up in April and did less than 5k messages, this would mean 45 days after April is June 15th, however you need to be over the £5 threshold, so if you reached over 5k in May this would be paid 15th July.

To claim, there is a button to click on the Reward Summary page when thresholds are met and money is available.

Should I set a daily and monthly limit?

Most definitely so. Do not allow yourself to use your full allowance, as you may get stopped by your provider.  Also, if you do occasionally use text messages, you will run out.

I have set my daily limit to 112 texts per day, 3000 per month.  This means I should earn approximately £3.36 in 45 days.

I usually top this up with playing videos while watching TV and asking people to sign up using my referral code which if you sign up with we will BOTH receive 500 points to get you started!  😊


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