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A Beginners guide to earning money with giffgaff

A Beginners guide to earning money with giffgaff



A Beginners guide to earning money with GiffGaff

Around 18 months ago I decided to ditch my mobile contract with Vodafone. I was paying £35 per month and for that I got my phone and small amount of calls, texts and practically no internet. It was getting near to my contract renewal time when someone told me about giffgaff. giffgaff is a low cost mobile phone network that runs on the O2 network. You can either choose to pay as you go or pick one of their monthly goodybags. The goodybags range from £5 per month up to £18 depending on how many calls, texts and internet you require.  The goodybag I use it quite popular, its £10 per month and you get 500 UK minutes, unlimited UK texts and 1GB Internet. With giffgaff you also get free calls and texts to other giffgaff numbers as long as you have topped up at least once in the last three months. It makes it really cheap if you manage to get your friends and family to sign up! So I am already saving £20 per month compared on my old contract and there is before you include payback. Payback is giffgaff’s points system where you earn points for recommending friends and helping out on the giffgaff forum. Each point is worth 1p so 500 points is £5.

So this is where it gets interesting and you can start earning money with giffgaff. For every person you get to join giffgaff you get 500 payback points, this converts to £5.00 (Your friend will also get a bonus of £5 credit when they first top up with £10). There is no limit on the number of people you can get to sign up. The highest earner of payback actually earned over £16000 in 6 months!

Even if you don’t know lots of people and find it difficult to get friends to sign up, there is still a way for you to earn up to £30 per month just from using the giffgaff community forum. Now the way payback is currently worked out is a bit of a mystery but it’s said to be worked out on quality of forum posts rather than the number of posts.

There are 5 payback bands:

    • Band 1 – 3000 points – £30.00

    • Band 2 – 2000 points – £20.00

    • Band 3 – 1000 points – £10.00

    • Band 4 – 100 points – £1.00

    • Band 5 – 10 points – £0.10

It is really easy to log onto the forum using your account details you first signed up with and go to the General Discussion section. Reply to one post and you will more than likely already be on Band 5. I have a friend who will only play the word games on the forum and they will usually get up to Band 3, that is £10 they get for maybe a couple of posts a day, several times a week.  I usually get to Band 2, I try and visit the forum most days and join in with some of the discussions.

If you only use the social and general discussion section the highest you can get is to band 2, which is pretty awesome getting paid £20 per month just for chatting to other people online. If you want to get into band 1 you need to post in the help section. If you feel like you know quite a bit about giffgaff and want to help other members with problems with their mobiles then this is where you should post. There are a lot of questions about how to get mobiles connected to the internet or using mobiles abroad etc so they aren’t too difficult to answer. Sometimes people just need pointed in the right direction to a webpage with settings details for example. Remember to be polite and not just post ‘copy and pasted’ answers. For helping people out you could earn yourself £30 per month.

Payback is worked out and updated monthly, usually on the 5th of the month. giffgaff pay out the payback twice a year, at the start of June and start of December (just in time for Christmas!)

You can choose to take your payback as phone credit or if you earn over £10 you can choose to be paid directly to your payback account. You can also choose to have your payback go to charity. Every payback period you get the chance to nominate your chosen charity, forum members then vote of which charity they want the money to go to. The total amount donated by all giffgaff members will be matched by giffgaff – pound for pound. This year the chosen charities were the British Heart Foundation and Médecins Sans Frontières. giffgaff members donated a massive £32,354 which giffgaff doubled to £64,708!

A little summery on my savings and earnings – I earn £20 payback per month which is £240 per year. On top of that I am saving £25 every month when I compare my goodybag to my old contract. So that is £300 saved per year.  So over the year I am £540 better off!

If you want to save and earn money with giffgaff just like me just use any of the links to the site on this page and order yourself a FREE SIM card. If you want to keep your old number then you will need to request your Porting Authorisation Code (PAC) from you current mobile provider. It is really easy to set up your new SIM but remember if you do get stuck there is the giffgaff forum help section and your question will be answered in seconds (and you will be on your way to earning your first payback).

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