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Earning a Passive Income through your social media channels!

earn through social media affiliate marketing

For a lot of people earning a passive income is the dream for working from home online.

The thought of earning decent money through the night or while away on holiday is what many people strive for but there seems to be this mindset that to do that you need to be running some sort of established blog which has a good level of readership and longevity, however, that doesn’t always have to be the case.

We’ve talked about how you can do something as simple as using a Facebook Group to do affiliate marketing when sharing your signups codes and get some great traction. Even a quick Tweet out to your followers can bring in 1 or 2 people who may be interested in what you are offering.

Now don’t me wrong, your followers need to be engaged with you. You can’t have 1000 random followers on Twitter and expect them to be interested in what you are promoting but if you take your time building your following organically you will get far better results!

It’s all too easy to get hooked up on needing some kind of giant website like HotUKDeals to share your affiliate links if you want to earn amazing money but I know people of people online who do it EXCLUSIVELY through their social media channels with not a blog or website to be seen anywhere!

The best tip I can give you if this is the road you are going to go down is to know your audience. In 2018 there have been few meteoric rises online than Mrs. Hinch. If you have lived under a rock in the past year she is someone who Instagrams while they clean their house and have become super popular in a sort of almost ‘overnight’ sense jumping to 1.3m followers on the social media network almost overnight! She’s recently taken to using affiliate links and is making a crazy amount of money online with her dedicated army of followers buying the cleaning products that she recommends!

While that income might be passive there is a huge amount of manual work she is having to put in to keep that audience engaged so it’s not quite the passive income you would get from putting your affiliate links into your existing blog posts and just letting the Google search robots do their thing as must like the rest of social media the content that her readers see will just be a ‘moment’ and will be replaced by another one the very next day.

I always think the best way to earn money via affiliate marketing through your social media channels is to jump on any bandwagon going. If it’s Black Friday week then get sharing those Amazon links. If TopCashBack or QuidCo and having one of their amazing sweepstake contests or FREE PIZZA giveaways then get all over those codes and get them sharing.

affiliate marketing social media channels

Any affiliate network worth its salt is set up for promotion via Social Media as you can see above so you can promote your links with just the click of a button so if you have a load of people following you on your personal Facebook page who read and interact with what you do there is a great chance that if you put an offer in front of them that matches their interests they are going to use it.

Sometimes you don’t even need to get them to spend money. Companies such as Awin work with the 2 main UK Cashback websites and actually pay you each time someone signs up to them which really brings in the scope for bringing in a lot of money!

So next time you see a great offer on Amazon or elsewhere online, take a few minutes to see if they have an affiliate network you can join and then share to your followers.

Earning a Passive Income through your social media channels!

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