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The evolution of Online Bingo

Be clever with your cash when playing Bingo online 1

Legs eleven number 11, two little ducks number 22, Kelly’s eye number 1…BINGO!

Long gone are the days when that word was solely assigned to old ladies, with their knitted cardies and pop socks nattering away about Albert’s latest growth over a cup tea. Bingo has been around for as long as your Gran has, in fact it is actually believed that it started back in the 1500s in Italy and reached the UK in the 1700s.

Over the years bingo has gone through many changes and has become a game for anyone of any age with it becoming more and more popular with people in their late teens/early twenties as an alternative night out.

Another radical change is the introduction of online bingo, giving people the option to stay at home in their PJ’s, with a cup of tea (or something a little stronger) and the ability to chat to 100’s of people all over the country at any time of the day. There has been a radical decline in bingo revenue from clubs and halls with many of them closing over the year, quite possible due to the increase of online gambling sites. There is still that adrenaline rush when you are down to 1 number for the full house jackpot with the added bonus that you can actually shout the number you need at your screen in some hope that it will just appear.

There is now a vast array of websites from popular bingo halls such as Mecca and Gala to bookmakers wanting to get a piece of the action. With so many places to visit, companies are looking for different ways to attract their customers; sign up and reload offers, free games, buy one get one and chat games. One website who have tried something completely different is BingoCams. On this unique site customers can connect their webcam to games (though they are not required to play) which shows the other people who are playing the same game; it allows players to see each other’s reactions and who won the last game. It adds a completely new level of interaction to the game and makes it feel a little more like traditional bingo in a hall. They also offer the usual sign up offers, reload offers and such along with great customer service. This really is a different way to play bingo.

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