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Festive jobs to help cover the cost of Christmas

Festive jobs to help cover the cost of Christmas

It’s no surprise that many people become weighed down with debt in the months following Christmas. Christmas is a time for treating the children and family, as well as excessive eating and drinking. All of which comes at a cost. Money worries can have a massive effect on how much enjoyment we get over the festive period, so why not be prepared and start earning a little extra now, freeing yourself from debt in the future.

There are a few easy jobs that can earn you some extra cash in the next few weeks. It will mean putting some extra hours in, but it is well worth it to have the Christmas you want, and the debt free January you’ve been dreaming of. Here are a few ideas of how to earn more money in the lead up to Christmas:

Become a courier:

The online market is growing faster than ever before, meaning more and more people are ordering products to be delivered to their homes. The number of deliverable packages in the run up to Christmas surges, and most courier companies are looking for people to help during the festive period. Each company are different however, most pay per parcel delivered or collected. You will be allocated an area to work, and need to go to the depot to collect the day’s parcels. To make this work always plan a route and pack your car so that parcels are ordered according to delivery route. Search for local courier depots and contact them to see what work they have available. Remember, you must have business use on your car insurance to do this type of work.

Work in retail:

The clothes and home retailer Next, as well as many other, are always taking on extra staff during the run up to Christmas. You will find that you are given more unsociable hours, such as evenings and weekends, and even 5am on Boxing Day (yikes!), but the extra money it earns you will be well worth it. Take a look in shop windows, or contact your local job centre to see what’s available.

Be crafty:

The cottage industry has taken off in the UK, meaning that more people are wanting hand crafted and homemade items. If you have any artistic or craft skills, now is the time to use them. You could make handmade personalised card, create words from folded books, or create amazing papercutting art. If you’re good with the sewing machine why not create personalised bunting for babies, Christmas bunting or beautiful stockings with names on? You could sell items locally at Christmas markets, or go online and take orders through eBay.

There are many more ways to earn money than those stated above, why not take a peek at The Money Sheds online earning forum pages to get even more ideas? Don’t let debt ruin your Christmas, start earning money now to save you stress in the future.

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