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Free Pizza Offer with QuidCo

Free Pizza QuidCo

Why you should be using Quidco 

Quidco is an online cashback company where you can earn money every time you shop. There’s no catch – how it works is they offer you cashback for every purchase made through their partnered retailers. It’s 100% safe and all of their partners are brands you know and love. You probably shop with these companies all the time and have never realised how much you could be saving. 

What is cashback?

Cashback is a reward system where for every purchase you make through selected stores and sites, you earn a little bit back. So think of it almost like a discount store where you’re paying full price for an item, but you get some of your money back afterwards. It’s an ingenious way to save some money while you shop! Simply shop through their partner sites and Quidco will transfer cashback into your account once it’s been confirmed by the retailer. You can then withdraw this money via PayPal, to your bank or as gift vouchers. 

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With Quidco you can save on hundreds of different things such as fashion, electrics, insurance and travel. If you’re always buying clothes online then you should definitely check this out because Quidco partner with hundreds of different retailers. You’ll find cashback deals on places like Urban Outfitters, Ann Summers, ASOS, Boohoo and Topshop. All shops that you probably use fairly regularly. So why not add them to your usual shopping routine and save some money in the process? 

They also partner with brands like Currys PC World and, bringing you cashback on heaps of entertainment and electrical goods, as well as Wilko and Halfords to save you money when you’re buying outdoor gear or homewares. There’s even cashback available from eBay, one of the largest online marketplaces, where you can pick up just about anything you might need from fashion, beauty, home and garden departments, and much more. The AA, The RAC and also work with Quidco to help you save money when buying car or home insurance, breakdown cover and travel insurance. So whatever you’re shopping online for, chances are you can find what you’re looking for on Quidco, and you’ll earn cashback on whatever it is, helping save you money. 

All you need to do to start earning cashback every time you shop is to sign up to Quidco. It’s completely free and there are no hidden catches. They are completely trustworthy and thousands of people already use them. Getting paid is safe and secure and you can choose a number of ways to receive your funds. Choose to have it directly deposited into your account or sent to your PayPal account. Whichever works better for you. Or if you like you can always withdraw your Quidco funds in the form of Amazon vouchers. This means that you can spend the cashback you’ve earned on Amazon which offers thousands of products – or pass the vouchers on as gifts for friends and family. There really is no losing out with Quidco. 

With over 4,500 partners you will definitely find what you’re looking for on this site, and you know that you can trust them. Quidco is the UK’s number one cashback site and with over 7 million members, it makes you wonder why you haven’t signed up sooner! There is no limit to how much you can earn with Quidco and according to their site the average member pockets up to £300 each year. But if online shopping isn’t your style, don’t worry – you can always choose to register a card to use in-store. All you need to do with is register it online then you can use it to earn cashback in over 7,000 stores all over the UK. 


ClickSnap is an exclusive deal for Quidco users. These days, more and more people are doing their food shopping online but if you’re still a fan of browsing the aisles in your local supermarket ClickSnap is the way forward. With ClickSnap you can earn money from your weekly shop simply by uploading your receipt. All you need to do is browse the offers they have available and buy the product in participating stores which includes Asda, Morrisons, Tesco, Waitrose, Aldi, Sainsbury’s and Lidl. Then you share your receipt with Quidco who will put your cashback into your Quidco account. You can then redeem it in a number of ways like PayPal or direct to your bank. 

It’s the perfect way to do your weekly food shop. You can get loads of deals and exclusive offers and earn some cashback while you do it. What are you waiting for?! 

Quidco Compare

With Quidco Compare you can check out all sorts of deals with hundreds of different providers. All in one place. You can compare insurance, energy and broadband providers through Quidco Compare and earn money. We all need to purchase insurance – whether it’s life, car, home – there’s always something you need. Why not use Quidco and make a little bit of extra money when choosing your providers? Simply choose the policy or cover which suits you through any of the links on the Quidco Compare site and once your purchase is confirmed your cashback will be sent to your Quidco account. 

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Sign up now and get FREE PIZZA

What are you waiting for? Sign up to Quidco today to start earning cashback every time you shop. As well as all the amazing deals and offers you can find after signing up, you can also earn a bonus when you join! Just for registering to Quidco (a standard account is completely free so why not?!) you’ll get £15 cashback on your Domino’s order. All you need to do is sign up today – click ‘visit Domino’s’, order your pizza and receive your Quidco cashback in as little as two weeks. 

That’s right, £15 cashback at Domino’s. A large pizza at Domino’s generally costs between £14 and £18 so that’s nearly your entire pizza paid for. Just for signing up to a site that is going to make your life a hell of a lot better. Quidco believe that buying better makes for a better life and they do their best to help you with this. Which is why they are offering this incredible deal for all new people who sign up to their site. 

We’re all guilty of getting home after a long day of work – especially on a Friday – when we just don’t feel like cooking. Its days like this where we are thankful for takeaway apps or ready meals. Especially Domino’s which offers incredibly fast delivery, delicious food and there is probably one located not too far from you. So the next time you decide to order a pizza instead of cooking why not remember Quidco? You know that you’re going to order from there anyway – so you may as well earn while you’re doing it!

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what Quidco can offer you. Get signed up today and change the way you shop forever – and for the better. 

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free pizza friday with Quidco

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