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HeadsandHeads World Cup Offer

A lot of people view the gap between the end of the football season in May and the start of the new one in August as the ‘dry season’ for Matched Betting but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Of course, there are weekly race meeting with a whole raft of offers running and on top of that there is England Cricket and Wimbledon with it’s endless in-play offers but this year we have the mighty 2018 World Cup to bring us even more risk free money!

With this in mind I thought I would think about the top 3 tips I can give you so that you earn the absolute highest amount of risk free cash that you can during the spectacle.

Sign up for a Matched Betting service.

I know this may sound like something ridiculously obvious but you wouldn’t believe how many people decide to ‘go it alone’ with Matched Betting just to save themselves around £15 which becomes irrelevant anyway when you are making £600+ a month from it. Every month we seem to get some panic questions over on the Matched Betting subforum on The Money Shed from someone who has decided to go it alone and now needs some urgent help to fix a mistake!

Some people think that paying for a matched betting service is just paying for a company to spoon feed you the offers so you don’t have to go looking for them but it’s actually far more than that. You are paying for the advice on how to do each offer in the best way possible, profit tracking tools, dedicated forum communities, Acca and Horse Refund tools and much more besides!

HeadsandHeads Premium membership

With this in mind, the guys over at Heads&Heads are running a competition until the World Cup Starts on the 14th June 2018 where you can win a month’s FREE PREMIUM ACCESS on their site which gives you the chance to make up to £1500 a month during that period as a new member!!

They have 2 prizes up for grabs

1 x Month of PREMIUM Access to the Heads&Heads Matched Betting Service ( Enter via following them on Twitter or signing up for their Free Trial!)

3 x Months of PREMIUM Access to the Heads&Heads Matched Betting Service for anyone who joins from the date of this blog post until the 14th June 2018 – Use the code TMS123 to get 1 month of premium access for only £1!!

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Don’t be scared to try new things!

When you first start doing Matched Betting the sign up offers are very much the bread and butter of what you do and once you then trasition to reloads things can be a bit more ‘quirky’ shall we say.

Gone are the very simple ‘Bet £10 and get a £20 free bet’ offers and in comes ‘Bet £50 before the game and then another £50 during the first half to get a £50 free bet’ type ones. It’s easy to shy away from this sort of stuff but by the time you’ve finished your sign up offers you should have a bankroll of around £1000 so the thought of placing a £50 back bet with a qualifying loss of around £1 shouldn’t worry you at all.

Once you get past this mental hurdle you will find you are than able to earn more than ever from reloads and you are far more open to trying new thing and during the World Cup you can bet there are going to be a whole raft in inplay offers available that you are going to want to take advantage of.

Try and Plan

I know it’s easier said than done but for events like the Cheltenam Festival which is the richest week for anyone doing Matched Betting it’s very easy to take time off work so that you can earn the most from the 4 day event.

With the World Cup going in for a whole month that’s not quite so easy however with games starting in the afternoon and a lot more taking place in the evening if you do work you should hopefully be able to be at home on your laptop so that you can’t take part in all the lucrative offers available. Your Matched Betting provider will no doubt be emailing you each week with all the offers available which should help with your planning.

Football refund offers are going to be your friend during the tournament and there are usually at least 10 of these running each week from the likes of Ladbrokes, Bruce Betting, 10Bet, MyBetting Club etc where you simply bet on markets like First Goalscorer, Last Goalscorer, Anytime Goalscorer etc and if you are right then you grab yourself a £20-£50 free bet refund! Thankfully all these bets can be placed before the game takes place so you don’t even have to be around during the match to take advantage of them!

Hopefully, these tips (and the competition) will prove helpful to you and just remember that while a normal bet on England to win the competition MIGHT win you some money, if you do Matched Betting offers you WILL make money, guaranteed!

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