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#TeamHeating vs #TeamJumper

#TeamHeating vs #TeamJumper

Hoodies, wellies, hot chocolate with those tiny marshmallows, crisp air, dark mornings and the amazing changes in colour. Autumn is truly upon us but even though there are so many amazing things about this time of year, the change in temperature and the cost on our pocket isn’t one of them.

This spawns the internal debate we all have…jumper or heating? When is it just too early to switch on the heating? September, October, November? How many extra layers do you get to before you hit that thermostat? One jumper, two jumpers – two jumpers, a scarf, two pairs of socks and your fingerless gloves. Or is it never too early and if you are cold then the heating just needs to go on!

The rise in heating costs can certainly put a sting in your household budget so many people opt to avoid turning their heating on until they really need to. There are many ways to avoid the rising winter fuel costs, some of these are simply daft but check them out:


Not only does if provide the family with tasty treats but the heat of the oven helps to keep your house warm. Do a batch baking session of bread, biscuits, cakes and stews; it often works out cheaper than buying fresh in the supermarket as well has providing additional heat.

Cling film the inside of your windows

There are people who swear by this (or bubble wrap) and claim that this cost effective measure helps to keep their house warm – I’d love to know if you’ve tried this.

Layer up

ests, socks, long johns, long sleeve shirts, slipper socks, jumpers, cardigans, fleecy animal onesies; there are so many different clothing items out there to keep you all snug as the temperatures drop.

Hot water bottles or microwaveable wheat bags

The heat from these little beauties lasts for a while and when combined with a blanket they make the perfect snuggling winter warmers.

Leave bath water in the bath

llow the water to cool down in the bath before emptying it. The steam will help keep the surrounding rooms warm.

Limit people to certain rooms

The more bodies that are in one room the more heat is given off. Organise an hour of family game time on a cold evening. A game such as charades or something on Wii Sports will keep people moving and generate additional heat.

Wear a woolly hat and socks in bed

Heat escapes from your head so wearing something over it will keep the heat in and something on your feet just keeps them warm.

House insulation

This one may be a costly one off, unless you can get a grant for it, but it does keep the warmth in the house a lot longer meaning you can turn your heating on later in the year or not have it on so high.

So are you #teamjumper or #teamheating? Do you have any other ways that you prolong the dreaded heating turn on?

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