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How late is too late to start your Christmas Savings?

when to start saving for christmas

For a lot of people who read this, they will be in one of two camps. You either start saving for Christmas super early and do things like buy wrapping paper a year in advance or you have a slight panic around the 1st December when you realise you have a load of things to get and you haven’t budged for any of it.

Which camp is right? Well It could be said that both ends up spending the same amount of money by the time the 25th December rolls around anyway since those that tend to buy early will also be buying lots of ‘little things’ in December then new shops are finally full of presents they can buy that they didn’t know they wanted!

There are all sorts of online guides out there that aim to help you get ready for Christmas. It doesn’t matter if you are a student trying to save for a nice present for your parents or a family who are going to be going to go all out on kids for their presents this year there is advice coming at you from all directions.

Christmas savings clubs have been a thing since I was a child. I remember them being advertised all over the TV as the best way to save for the big day if you had a family and then a big one called Farepak went bust and suddenly people weren’t so sure about using them anymore as a safe place to put your family savings.

Of course, it’s not just the TV and online world trying to impart their wisdom onto you. Even a few supermarkets get in on the act as they try to encourage you to save all year long. Asda, for example, do a Christmas Saving Card which lets you add money onto the card all year long with the added bonus of getting a little bit of a cash bonus at the end of the year. The opposite side of that is that while you are saving your money all year long they don’t want you to then use that money until the tail end of the year AND of course it needs to be spent at Asda.

Tesco does a similar scheme but instead, it lets you save up you Tesco Clubcard Points throughout the year and you again then receive a bonus at the tail end of the year when you go to use it at their checkout in December.

So while the two examples above all encourage you to start your Christmas savings early they actually want you to spend far later than if you were just putting the money aside and into a savings account that you own or could get set up.

No matter how you go about dealing with your Christmas Savings I would say with sites like The Money Shed there are always ways to earn money online extremely quickly so if your kid suddenly gets hold of the Argos catalogue and wants the latest games console out there then there are a multitude of ways you can suddenly earn that money. Oh and as ever, don’t forget to grab some cashback on everything you buy for Christmas!

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