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How Long Will Matched Betting Last?

How Long Will Matched Betting Last?

When people first discover matched betting, they tend to ask the same things.

“If it’s that easy, why isn’t everyone doing it?”

“If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is, right?”

“If more people start doing this, why would bookmakers keep giving away free bets?”

The first question is easy to answer: people are already doing it, have done it previously, or just haven’t heard of it yet. The vast majority of people that have been fully introduced to matched betting have at least given it a go. Some decide it’s not for them (which most matched bettors would describe as a mixture of craziness and laziness), but many more continue for months or years.

The second question is sometimes tricky. Some people believe it’s a scam because it really does seem too good to be true, but it only takes a small amount of research to realise that it’s entirely real. It’s simple maths combined with following simple instructions. There are tens of thousands of people using the best matched betting sites on a daily basis, with many thousands more using those sites that aren’t quite as well-known or effective, like free forums or Reddit.

The third question is something that almost all matched bettors ask themselves on almost a weekly basis. How much longer is all of this going to last?

Most people know deep down that it probably won’t be around for the rest of their lives. But just how long it will last is up for a lot of debate.

Fortunately for us – but unfortunately for regular punters – promotions that matched bettors profit from are designed to attract new business and new losing depositors. Without them, bookmakers find it hard to bring in new gamblers and keep a large percentage of them gambling on a regular basis.

This means promotions have to run if bookmakers and casinos are to make as much revenue as they can. But revenue doesn’t mean profit, and matched bettors do eat away at this. So, going forward, you’d expect that betting sites in the gambling industry would become more strict on those abusing their promotions, but would still have the promotions running for those that aren’t profitable.

How Long Will Matched Betting Last?

This means it could continue running for a long time yet if you’re willing to put in the effort to remain undetected, rather than just blatantly exploiting promotions and never giving any value back.

Many people claim that the tactic will last less time due to an increase in the amount of free information that is out there. This could also be debated, but it does certainly seem likely that the more people that are actively doing it, the less time it will probably last overall.

If every single person in the country was doing it, and no-one was gambling their profits away, the bookmakers would all go bankrupt. Therefore, you have to assume that it’s fair to say that the more people do it, the less time it will last.

However, the number of people that will actually do matched betting will likely never reach a huge number relative to the number of gamblers.

This is because many people don’t have the effort required to make the really good levels of profit that can be achieved, and many other people are simply after a quick ‘big win’ attempt; something that will actually lose money long-term for 99.9% of people, or probably more. For every five new people starting matched betting, there are probably four or five reaching the end of their matched betting journey.

It’s a sad reality that, no doubt made worse with the amount of money bookmakers spend on sports advertising, many people would prefer to gamble their money away than earn consistently, slowly and steadily.

Ultimately, it seems likely that matched betting will remain possible in some form forever, unless free bets and other similar promotions are made illegal. This seems unlikely as we have already established that they actually help bookmakers to make more money, and the gambling industry does a good job of lobbying the government and influencing legislation in their favour.

However, if bookmakers and casinos get stricter on monitoring (and restricting) their winning players, then it will probably only last for a couple of years for most individuals.

Time is of the essence for those that haven’t started yet, so many people would be advised to make hay whilst the sun is still shining.

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