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How to earn money online – just by sharing your knowledge with HowNow

HowNow share knowledge

Have you ever put a video up on YouTube or posted a blog that took you hours of work and you get loads of engagement but unfortunately there’s little to no monetary value? I write a lot about how to make money and one way to do that is to sell your knowledge and expertise by teaching people online. But where to start?  

The best site I’ve found for this is HowNow. It’s similar to YouTube in that it’s easy to use and you can monetise your content, however you can except to earn far more from it on HowNow. 

HowNow is open to whatever you want to teach, whether that’s yoga, music, languages, maths, accountancy, obviously mine would be based around making and saving money – whatever knowledge you have, you can create an online school and start selling courses in your expertise.

I was offered the opportunity to set up an account to see what it’s like; what do you have to do to start earning, what the set-up process is like and, important for me, what the support onsite is like just in case you get stuck? 

I think the best thing about this site is that it’s really easy to set up your own online school and get started. There are three easy steps to launch your business: 

First, customise your school:

HowNow Choose your School

Then create a course: 

HowNow Create a course

Finally connect your payment method:

HowNow Payment Method

But don’t worry, if you get confused while creating your account, you can always contact HowNow easily to sort out the problem through their live chat option or you can have a look at their blog, as they have loads of articles that can help you out.

All you need to set up your online school is a computer, webcam and decent internet – there’s no need to download any additional software! 

You also don’t need to worry about constantly arranging different classes with people, as you can quickly sync your calendar up with the one on HowNow, so people can see your schedule and book when you’re available. 

Another handy feature I liked on HowNow was that is was simple to upload content onto the site that I already have, and it can be a video, PDF, blogs – basically anything you want! This site also offers gamification, so you can keep your learners on their toes with quizzes and assessments, you can even reward them with badges.

HowNow Content Choice

You can teach people one-to-one or hold group sessions, it depends on your teaching style, your subject and what you and your students prefer. 

The pricing structure on HowNow is also up to you, I personally would suggest looking at what others in your subject area are charging and look at how you can be different and competitive in pricing. 

HowNow takes 10% commission on any courses you sell on the starter plan and only 5% commission on the essential plan, then none on the growth and enterprise plan. HowNow also allows instant pay-outs, so as soon as someone buys your course you have that money in your bank rather than having to wait for monthly pay outs like other platforms.

You can also create bundles, which combines multiple courses and is an advantage to your customers as they could buy three courses at a 30% discount for example.

HowNow choose bundle

You also have the option to run live lessons on the site, which is great for keeping an eye on how your students are doing in your classes and easily communicate with them in real time. So, if they’re doing well or if there are any areas they need to improve on, you can give them the extra support and encouragement they need to stay motivated and keep learning.

I guess my one criticism of the site would be that you have to either have your own following or base of existing learners already or you need to spend time finding out how you’re going to market yourself and your classes. However, HowNow has great blog content that gives you tips on how to expand your customer base and what platforms to use like this: 4 Free social graphic tools to use for your business

This site really is a brilliant and easy way to make decent money just by sharing what you know, it allows you to create your own online school and have complete control of how you teach because of the multiple content types per lesson.

The site has introduced a viable option to grow your own teaching business online and make good money. Instead of spending ages creating content to get little money back, you can get a better return on investment by using this site. 

To create your own online school, HowNow are offering a 14-day free trial here.

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How to earn money online by sharing knowledge with HowNow

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