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Guest Post : How To Save Money On Food

how to save money on food

Hi I’m Nicola and I blog over at The Frugal Cottage. I focus on budgeting, saving money and early retirement. 

The cost of food is slowly rising and it can seem to be tricky to balance eating well and not spending a fortune. The average household also throws away a lot of food each week, which again costs money. There are always stories on the news about households feeling the pinch. 

However, your food budget is one that can be tweaked quite easily and you could end up saving a lot of money on food.  There are lots of simple tricks you can implement that mean that your food spends are lowered plus the amount you waste can be almost zero. 

There are also strategies you can put in place to build your own money saving stockpile, so that you have a system in place to rotate your stock so that you can get the best deals and use them efficiently. Having a stash of food that you can dip into will save you money each week, plus you will always have a store cupboard meal, in the unlikelihood of you being unable to reach the shops.  

Finally, the best way to save money on your food spend is to plan your meals beforehand and write a list. That way you know exactly what you need to buy and what you are going to be eating throughout the week. This also helps reduce your food waste, as you aren’t buying things you don’t need! 

I have written an online course entitled Reduce Your Food Spend. This course all about reducing your food spend and eliminating food waste in the process. What is included in the course is:

  • Organising your kitchen so that you know exactly what you have. This is to help you rotate your food supplies, how to build a stockpile if you haven’t got one already and then to keep track of what’s in there!
  • An easy way to think of different meal ideas for each week. 
  • A meal plan and shopping list printable, for you to use each week.
  • How to eat in season to help you maximise your savings
  • Freezing meals and how to rotate so you have a stash of “ready meals” in stock.
  • Using cheaper meats and slow cooking methods
  • How to incorporate reduced items into your meal plan to make the most of the bargains
  • An exemplar meal plan for a week plus shopping list to get you started
  • A private Facebook group for help, support, suggestions and advice


The course is supposed to be completed in an evening, so that you are armed with the information quickly so it can be put into practice. There are free printables included in the course to help you as well. A meal planner which you can use to plan your weekly menu plus a shopping list attached so you can write your list as you go. You can then just cut this out and take it food shopping with you. There is also a spending diary printable, so you can write down any money you spend on food during the week!

At the moment the course is 50% off using the code HALFOFFAPR which makes it a bargain at only £7.50! Just enter the code at the checkout and it’ll apply it for you. 

Check out Reduce Your Food Spend and I’ll see you there! I’m also looking for affiliates for the course too, so let me know if you’re interested ☺ 



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