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How to save money on your wedding day

How to save money on your wedding day


Sponsored Post : How to Save Money on Your Wedding Day?

The latest statics from the weddings leading bridal magazine, estimates that the average cost of a wedding is over £20,000!

This is a staggering amount of money which many simply cannot afford without getting into unnecessary debt. But your dream day does not need to cost the earth.

With the following savvy money saving tips, you can create your wedding just the way you want it, without upsetting the bank balance.

Know your Budget

Wedding Cost Calculator

Getting to grips with your finances is essential to ensure you have a clear idea of the money you have available to spend, and where you may need to trim down on any excess spending.

To give you an idea of how much your dream wedding may set you back, use a wedding cost calculator that will help you to see how much each element of a wedding costs. From this you will be able to make a checklist of each area and make it more manageable to cut back on costs.


Once you’ve got an idea of how much the wedding and all its trimmings are going to set you back, it’s time to start considering if you really need to invite your second cousin twice removed.

Downsizing your wedding party is the most cost effective way of getting want you want without having guests that are simply there to eat and drink all the expensive food you’ve paid out for.

As the evening guests often cost less than the reception guests, try to see if you can switch a few people around to just attending the evening event, as this will soon shave off excess cost that could be spent on more important items such as the dress.

Do it Yourself

As soon as the word ‘wedding’ is mentioned anywhere the price will instantly sky rocket, and this is even for the most simplest of items such as the cake. With costs being so high it’s no surprise that the trend of DIY weddings are becoming increasingly popular as couples refuse to pay such excessive prices.

Doing it yourself can cut back huge costs, from the invitations, cake, decorations and even food, if you’re a creative person or have family members who are willing to help, get everyone involved and make it a more personal experience.

Become a Coupon Queen

There are now a number of voucher code and savings website that can help you to save money and cut back on some of the more simple costs.

Sign up to every one of them that you can – even if you set-up a separate email address specifically for coupon searching so you’re not bombard.

Scouring through these daily will help you to find offers on flowers, beauty treatments and even locations.

Don’t try to book or buy everything at once, take an item a week and spend your time seeing how much money you can get off that item.

It’ll soon become an obsession, but your bank balance will be all the better for it.

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