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Am I an idiot for spending over £840 on Call of Duty?

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I’ve always claimed I am probably one of the WORST money bloggers to follow if you are looking for someone who good with money and is sensible in what they buy from morning till night as that’s just not me.

A good example of this is my habit of buying the latest Call of Duty game every year. For anyone who lives under a rock Call of Duty is an annual multiplayer game which is a First Person Shooter (FPS) game where you play various modes against other online players in different settings and time periods.

Every year the latest version of the game gets released around October / November time and it costs around £40-£50 to buy the standard version. Additional versions are available at higher price points such as £79 or £99 and they give you more bang for your buck such as access to future Downloadable Content which you would have to pay additionally for if you just bought the standard edition.

It issue with all this can be some years there are HUGE changes to how the game plays or what’s offered and other years it can be quite samey to the previous year but the problem (if you see it that way!) is that I STILL BUY IT ANYWAY!

Since 2007 up to the latest release (Black Ops 4) I have spent a MINIMUM of £480 on the standard editions and that’s not to mention all the DLC each year which I ALWAYS buy a season pass for which is typically £30-£40 on top each year to again I have spent a minimum of £360 which means I have spent AT LEAST £840 of Call of Duty since 2007.

Is that crazy? It sure seems it! To be fair I also do similar with other games such as Pro Evolution Soccer which I again buy every year and can AGAIN have minimal changes yet there I am on the Amazon website handing over my cash!

If I was one of those super frugal bloggers I would at least do endless 50p surveys to make the money year to pay for the games but not me, it’s cash or go home!

But then I got to thinking, what IS so wrong with spending money on yourself for something you enjoy?

Have I got over £840 of value out of Call of Duty over the years, well that’s hard to say but heck, the average Gym membership costs around £40 so that’s £480 a year for that and while COD may not improve my health it brings me a certain level of enjoyment and I suppose there are MUCH worse thing I could be spending my money on!.

There’s a HUGE movement online (especially in the #moneysaving community) to do endless #nospenddays and live some sort of life that basically involves going nowhere and doing nothing and as long as you put all your spare cash into envelopes or whatever you will end up living a much happier life further down the track financially but I often think what’s the point if the journey you are going on is miserable as sin!

So if your ‘vice’ is something you enjoy and it isn’t hurting anyone (yourself included!) then I say spend the money!

Am I an idiot for spending over £840 on Call of Duty?

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