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Imagine being a millionaire

Imagine being a millionaire

Sponsored Post: Have you ever sat there and imagined what you would do if you were a millionaire, where and how you would spend and save that money? Holidays, big houses, cars, stocks…we have all at some point thought about what we’d do with a lottery win but did you know most millionaires, especially self-made, do not actually keep a hold of the physical cash? Their bank balance rarely reads £1,000,000 instead they invest in physical things, mostly things that in time will gain value whereas money loses it.

So what are the top places that they place their cash?

The obvious one is property; they may have several homes abroad for when they fancy a bit of winter sun, time on the slopes or a bit of foreign culture, they may have a handful of houses to generate a private rental income, or even public estates such as hotels and stadiums. Property is always a good place to start with any sizable amount of investment.

Business ownership is another popular place that millionaires invest their cash, again it is somewhere that continues to generate income and more often than not can be sold at a large profit. Franchises are great as the new owner has the support of the company and their name which is often what brings in the business; fast food places are a big one.

It might sounds strange but investing money into money that needs to be returned to you is another place. Stocks, bonds, loans etc are all repaid to you at a later date with interest added on top or at the higher share price should stocks increase.

Another place you will find millionaires filtering their money into is intellectual properties such as the rights to songs, books, photographs and movies. Selling these rights can make investors a lot of money with things like merchandise being created.

Ever wondered why people who have cash have a huge interest in art? More often than not this is again an investment. Paintings, sculptures, rare artefacts are all of interest as again they hold a lot of value and more often than not increase in value; some becoming priceless.

Cars, every billionaire you watch in the movies has a vast array of vehicles. Some of these are for leisurely use but others are because they will again gain value. Older cars can be worth a fortune if kept in good nick so you often find people with money to spare investing in these old bangers, doing them up and then maintaining them in storage.

Finally, everyday commodities like oil, natural gases, cattle, coffee, silver, gold and crops (corn, wheat etc). These products are the basics of everyday life; they are needed all over the world and by many people which creates a supply and demand. This keeps the investment growing, when they are sold off they can be at a huge profit to the investor.

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