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Keeping energy bills down in the winter

#TeamHeating vs #TeamJumper

Sponsored Post : For most people, the cost of running a house is the largest expense in their household budget with power and fuel taking up a very large chunk of that – especially during the winter months. Colder temperatures see the heating going on, the tumble dryer used more, the kids are indoors with their TV shows and consoles rather than outside and with darker mornings/evenings the lights in the house are switched on for longer.

The increase in cost for gas and electricity for some households can triple or even quadruple between the months of October and March so trying to keep those energy bills down can be number one priority. There are many ways to make a dint in this huge expense:


Energy saving lightbulbs are a huge saving, they may be slightly dimmer than your average lightbulb but the saving certainly makes up for it. Team these with lamps in the living areas of the house to make for a cosy, cost saving way of illuminating the house on an evening. Ditch the fancy light fittings, most of the time they run on rather costly bulbs which not only cost more to buy, they cost more to light and don’t last long enough to justify those costs; yes they look pretty but they are a waste of money.


For many the thought of putting the heating on fills them with dread so rather than go without or having to pay a rather large bill it is time to treat the cause.

Check the condition of your windows and doors – Older frames and panes can let the heat just run out of your house. Double glazing helps to keep your heat, and money, inside the house where it needs to be. Contacting a window installers in Yorkshire is the first step to upgrading your windows, they will come out and do a free survey, offer advice and recommend what steps you need to bring your windows and doors up to scratch.

Roof and wall insulation – Heat rises, and that is a fact. You pop your heating on and it immediately works its way up and will eventually escape from your roof. Having a good quality roof insulation will mean that more of the heat stays where you want it. Same for wall insulation, the heat will find any crack it can to get out so insuring those cracks are filled will keep the heat in longer. In recent years there have been many grants for houses to receive free insulation. It is a good idea to check with your energy provider to see if they offer any such grants.

Replace your boiler – When was the last time you had your boiler replaced or serviced? A faulty boiler can see you throwing money away so it is advised that you have it serviced annually and replaced at least every 15 years. It is usually cheaper to replace than it is to repair your boiler. Getting a boiler replacement in Yorkshire has never been simpler, they come with a variety of boiler types, payment plans from £1 a day and 7 year guarantee on parts.

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