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Why LOVESPACE are the only storage solution you will ever need to use

Why LOVESPACE are the only storage solution you will ever need to use 1

A lot of people just think of storage companies as places that hold your items and that’s it. You go in, you pay for a certain amount of sq. foot of storage and you leave your items with them.

If there’s one thing that companies like Uber / Deliveroo have taught us it’s that people want FAR more flexibility from their services. Millennials in particular want to be able to choose what they want from companies and how they get them.

LOVESPACE are a company who offer storage more as a service than something you would only use  if you are moving house.

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LOVESPACE  have a solution for every budget!


Gone are the days of having to book a hire van to take your items to the storage company. LOVESPACE offer a complete beginning-to-end service so you never even have to leave your home.

For anyone that has ever used a storage company before they will know getting the items from your home to the company and back again is one of the biggest hassles that goes with using such a service.

What sets LOVESPACE apart from other companies in this sector is their next working day collection and delivery service. If you wished to put some items into storage you would simply login to their website and book a collection. One of their team would then drive around to your house and collect the items from you and put them into one of their secure storage locations.

A good thing here is that you only pay for the storage you actually use instead of paying for a room and only half filling it. When you are ready to get your items back you can recall them to not only your own address but ANYWHERE IN MAINLAND UK and they will be delivered them the next working day.

This is a great advantage over other storage companies because it effectively means if you were moving from one location to another somewhere else in the country you could have your items picked up, held while you move and then delivered to your new house without you having to break a sweat!

I know my parents would have loved to have used a service like this last year when they moved all the way from Norwich over to Cheltenham and had to pay for both storage and a VERY large van they hired to transport their items across the country.

Like most things these days everything you do with LOVESPACE is dealt with online so you never need to ring anyone up as everything is done online via their responsive website.

Of course LOVESPACE isn’t just for people who are moving home as they offer a fantastic service to businesses both small and large alike who need to use storage facilities maybe while they are moving from one offer to another.

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It’s just 4 easy steps you need to follow..

Now the great news is that I’ve managed to get you amazing readers a code to use which will give you £20 off your first storage with them. If you use the code LOVEJON when you sign up you will have the money taken off your first order.

Storage solutions may not always be something that is at the forefront of your mind but there’s no doubt that when you want a solution that’s a LOT more cost effective than the rest LOVESPACE excel in terms of flexibility and what they can offer you as a customer so are well worth checking out.


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