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Military Car Sales

Military Car Sales

When you are looking to buy a car it can feel like a bit of a daunting task. First you have to decide on the right make and model for your lifestyle. Then you need to find a company that are knowledgeable, trustworthy and won’t try to overcharge you for the privilege of buying a new car. On top of all of these concerns you may be worrying about financing the car or whether your application for finance is going to be accepted. Applying for finance can be straightforward, and usually takes around half an hour, however for some people it isn’t as straightforward as this.

Serving and ex-military service personnel face a number of challenges when it comes to purchasing a new or used car, particularly if they are looking to purchase a car on finance. Being in the military can leave you with no adequate proof of your address and this can have a negative affect when companies conduct a credit search on you. Being unable to provide detailed proof of address could lead to you receiving a very high rate of finance, or worse yet being rejected for credit completely.

There are other options for obtaining finance, such as speaking to a broker, but these usually lead to higher rates of finance being offered, if you are fortunate enough to receive a finance offer at all. Brokers can charge fairly significant ‘finder’s fees’ for helping you obtain a finance deal and this can further increase the costs involved with purchasing a new or used car. This higher rate of finance means that serving and ex-military service personnel are effectively at a disadvantage for having sacrificed their time dedicating themselves to serving their country.

Being penalised, for serving your country, is not fair. This is something that Vertu Military Car Sales agrees with. Being formed and run by former members of the services, means they are sympathetic to the plight that many serving and ex-military service personnel may face. They know all about the difficulties that can be experienced when you have a lack of proof of address and they help by working closely with companies that do not require the normal address details for your credit history. This means that they can potentially offer you access to competitive rates of finance while helping you to secure the car of your dreams, providing you do not have adverse credit history.

With access to cars from 22 different manufacturers you will be spoiled for choice. As Vertu are not middlemen, or sales brokers, they do not have to purchase cars in from elsewhere and this can lead to a better deal for you. Vertu have access to over 6,500 used cars while allows you the freedom to choose the right car for your lifestyle. In addition to cars they also have motorcycles for sale.

There is help out there for serving and ex-military service personnel and every purchase that is made with Vertu Military Car Sales will lead to a direct charity donation to the military charity of the purchaser’s choice.

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