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Money Over Pride: Helping Loved Ones Retire Affordably

When people get to a certain age it’s their time to bask in the sun. And by basking, one could easily mean taking a load off and retiring comfortably. There are many ways you can help your loved ones achieve this as in the modern day, there are so many strategies which you can use. No doubt, saving up for your entire life or rather your professional working days, is going to help you when you no longer work. State pensions aside, it’s better to have a savings account as well as a state pension to supplement your living standard. Lifestyles need not change much, if you can take care of yourself this way. For many people this is the best choice as they can continue to make national insurance contributions while also putting some money away each month into a savings account that will garner them interest. Over the decades this interest could amount to thousands so this is the usual way retirees can live comfortably and affordably. However sometimes their pride can get in the way making it more difficult.



Selling the house


Normal houses are not designed to cater for the elderly. This means getting up the stairs and down again is a chore if you’re not in a bungalow that is. Sometimes there needs to be a realisation of the clear and present danger a home that isn’t designed for elderly people can pose. Hardwood floors in the kitchen can make it easier to slip and fall. The bath might have an edge that is too high for someone frail to lift their legs in and out of. When the home is becoming a hazard you can do one of two things. Either adapt the home for the old occupant or simply sell it off. Many choose to sell it off as they can garner hundreds of thousands of pounds which they can then use to buy a simpler living space and still have a lot of money left over. This extra money, with a pension and a savings account makes life much more easier and affordable into retirement.



Get the help you need


For those struggling to do the basic things around the home, help is always on hand. However as you may already know and perhaps can understand, some older people don’t want to ask for help. They have a lot of pride for themselves and that should be admired. Yet if you’re the offspring of a frail person living at their home, unable to cook and clean anymore then you can find it difficult to change their mind. However, you can compare the various home care providers and using the feedback system, assess which companies offer the best care. The home care service is great for someone that needs just a little extra help around the house but doesn’t want to enter into a retirement home. The care simply comes home to them instead.


A savings account should be started immediately when you begin earning a good wage or when you have enough funds. This together with a pension will help you to live a much more comfortable life into retirement.

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