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Want to save some money for Christmas? Money Saving Girl to the rescue!

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This week on the The Money Shed blog we take some time away from earning money online and look at how we can save money during those all important months running up to Christmas.

Ever needed a bit of inspiration or guidance about how to save some pennies? Or wanted to know what the latest technologies are to keep your home at its most economical? Well if the answer is ‘Yes’, then take a look at the Money Saving Girl website, and you’ll find loads of advice and hot tips on how to spend less, but get more. The site is run by The Money Saving Girl herself, Martyna, who upon moving to the UK found that she started to gather useful information about how to cut back on spending whilst living over here. So her advice is not only great for new comers to the great land, but also for those of us who have lived here all our lives.

One of the most helpful parts of the site was the 10 money saving tips’ for summer 2014. There were a lot of ideas on there that I hadn’t come across before, and have instantly helped me save money. For example, if you live near an Eat, you can basically get a free hot drink every time you go online to give feedback about your last experience with them. I also had never come across the holiday site Icelolly, mentioned by Money Saving Girl, but now regularly use it when looking for cheap and last minute getaways.

The web site also offers some interesting content that I haven’t seen elsewhere, for example the latest post talks about a Chimney Sheep. No, this is not for Welsh farmers who have a spare sheep or two to shove up their chimneys; rather Martyna explains that it is a very new, unique and economical device that will help many of you save money on your heating bills. And we’re not just talking pence here either, it is suggested that you can save up to £74 a year! This device blocks cold air from entering into your home via the chimney, saving you a shed load of money on heating.

Another great feature on the site is the travelling tips, helping you find the cheapest ways to travel and holiday. Money Saving Girl give some excellent advice on the best ways to find cheap flights, detailing ideas such as taking connecting flights rather than direct flights to reduce your costs, as well as using an aggregator (a site that compares prices) –such as Skyscanner, to find the absolute lowest price and time to fly. Even better, the site told me about Farecompare, which actually sends you an alert when the best flight become available. All of this is great news for anyone who is planning on travelling abroad on business or leisure.

The site also gives great links to other useful information such as the Best Deals’s poster, which tells you how to save money in the home. It details ways to cut your heating bills by using insulation in the loft; as well as how solar panels can reduce your heating bills. It also highlights how lighting and water usage in the home can lead to unnecessary cost, and ways to cut back on them.

Money Saving Girl also gives you some great ideas about presents to buy for men…something that I personally struggle with each festive period. It details gadgets that your fella would love to have stuffed into his stocking.

Overall Money Saving Girl does a lot of the hard work for you, by finding great sites and information that will help you to cut your costs and save you money. Money Saving Girl to the rescue!

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