The Money Shed is 4 years old!

The Money Shed is 4 years old!

Can you believe The Money Shed is 4 years old on the 17th October.

4 years of helping people earn money from home and improve their lives financially.

4 years of building a community that have been through weddings, babies and house moves and have contributed to over 100,000 forum posts!

4 yeas of everyone helping everybody else to earn as much as they possibly can.

4 years of secret Santas, sweepstake contests and monthly cash giveaways!

It’s hard to believe it’s been that long since I dedicated to create The Money Shed as a place where the people who use it can earn money themselves by sharing their affiliate links letting everyone benefit.

Sometimes I’m asked what I would do differently if I was to start TMS now so I thought I would look at 3 things I would 100% have done differently if I knew what know now so that if you ever think about setting up a blog or website you can learn from my horrifying mistakes.


Man alive, I wasted so much money at the start on advertising. Must have been in the thousands I think if I was to add it all up. I was paying 3 figure numbers to appear in sidebar ads on blogs that had nothing to do with the demographic I was going after and was just getting lured in by their big follower numbers on social media etc.

I learned soon enough that just because someones blog gets 30,000 views a week if 29,500 of those are from the USA they are of little use to me and aren’t going to be interested in my site at all.

Another one of my cracking decisions was finding someone on Twitter who offered ‘SEO Services’ and had a decent following and for only £250 would produce a detailed report about TMS and improvements I could make in regards to how Google saw it. First of all the report was meant to have been with me a week or so later and I kept having to chase and a month later I got the report which was basically the quality of something that you would get produced on Fiverr.

I also used to pay £200+ A MONTH for someone to do all the social media for TMS (Which basically meant doing Twitter and Facebook posts!). This must have lasted a good 4-6 months before I discovered the likes of Socialoomph and Buffer and that I could just do it all myself in one foul swoop!

Making relationships

Do you know when people want to hear what you have to say? When you are trying to help them with something!

It can be hard to be all things to all people when you are trying to chase your tail constantly and get your website off the ground. Running a blog is one thing but a forum that requires constant attention due to the fact you are trying to nurture a community can be exhausting but building relationships with that community will REALLY pay off in the long run.

Those people can offer advice, let you guest post on their blog or RT your latest competition!

Even just having people to bounce ideas of and act as a sounding board can be worth it’s weight in gold.

I soon found out it was important to help those that have helped you along the way and that it will help make that relationship all the stronger and open up new opportunities to promote your website that you hadn’t even considered!

On top of this one of the BIGGEST benefits of our forum compared to say Facebook Groups is the intimacy that it provides. We’ve all supported each other thing so many life milestones over the years and it still amazes me how TMS can be seen a safe place to share what is going on in your life, even when it isn’t related to earning online!

Taking Risks

Sometimes they work out and sometimes they are dead in the water but if you don’t take risks with your website things will never move forward.

It can be very easy to stay in your ‘safe zone’ with everything but your readers will typically want you to bring fresh ideas to them every once and a while to keep them engaged.

I held out of getting involved with social media for quite some time which looking back I’m not even sure why I did!

Heck, I even held out on making the forum mobile responsive for far longer than I needed to!

Likewise you don’t even want to know how many Matched Betting companies contacted me wanting me to feature them before I was even happy to discuss the topic on the forum and promote it as a very viable way to make thousands of pounds.

Sometimes It’s OK to be a bit risk adverse if money is involved but equally as the old saying goes ‘somethings you have to spend money to make money!’ and without spending that extra money we wouldn’t be using the new forum software we are on now with quicker speed, a mobile responsive theme and all the other bells and whistles thousands of people enjoy using each month!

I’m sure there are countless other mistakes I’ve made along the road while running The Money Shed which makes me wonder have you made any mistakes while running your blogs and websites?

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