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TMS Money Making Bootcamp – Earn money from affiliate marketing – WITHOUT A BLOG!

TMS Money Making Bootcamp - Earn money from affiliate marketing - WITHOUT A BLOG!

In recent years, blogging, and affiliate marketing, has become more popular than ever. It is now possible to make a passive income from yourself just by writing your thoughts down on the internet. My own website makes me quite a nice income now, passively, and I even make money when I am asleep, or on holiday. Obviously this is something that I have worked at for the past two years, and I am immensely proud of myself. However, you don’t need to have an established blog to be able to make money from affiliate marketing. If you are a user of social media, and forums, it is entirely possible to earn money from affiliate marketing – WITHOUT A BLOG!

Firstly what you are going to want to do is establish yourself on social media. Set up social media channels, focusing on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. If you only want to use Twitter and/or Facebook then you can still make it work. If you are someone who wants to get in to vlogging then you’ll want to be using YouTube of course.

When I first started making money with affiliate marketing I began on Facebook. I set up a page, sharing deals that I had seen on Amazon. Thanks to advertising on other Facebook groups, Twitter, and forums I was able to get myself several thousand members. Once I was established I was able to apply to the Amazon Associates affiliate marketing website. Each day I would spend around 30-60 minutes scheduling deals that I had found to post throughout the day. Initially I was only posting deals that I had found on Amazon, then I started to look to join other affiliate networks. In no time at all I had been accepted to Commission Junction, Affiliate Window, eBay Partner Network and a few others too. You’ll want to ensure that your social media is established first, with followers and looks professional. Ensure you have cover photos and logos on your social media and that you are posting deals already and have an active following.

Once you have started sharing your affiliate links, and deals, on social media then be on the look out for further opportunities. If you see someone you follow tweeting about a toy that their child must have for Christmas then consider tweeting them a deal link.

Affiliate links are now allowed on Pinterest so this could be another way for you to look to make money. Be sure to follow their acceptable use policy on affiliate marketing.

There are lots of opportunities to earn money from affiliate marketing – WITHOUT A BLOG. You just need to be aware! Recently I was able to share an affiliate link in a Mums Facebook group and I had over 3,000 clicks through to my Amazon Associates link in ONE day. I converted around 1% of that traffic to sales and it was Black Friday so I made some NICE money! Also, some forums will allow you to use affiliate links, The Money Shed does! This is a great way for you to help people find a bargain and earn yourself some money in the process.

If you are interested in making money from your own blog then be sure to check out totallyblogging. This website is full of free advice on starting your own blog. Also, to maximise your Affiliate Marketing earnings check out my post on making money from your blog with affiliate marketing. I’ve also reviewed the how to smash affiliate marketing blog course and have a discount code on my post.

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