TMS Money Making Bootcamp – Earn more than £5 per hour for giving your opinion

TMS Money Making Bootcamp - Earn more than £5 per hour for giving your opinion


People who already know me, from The Money Shed forum, or from my own website will know that I love a good survey. I’m a big fan of making money online by completing surveys. Over the years I have tried a wide variety of survey companies. I have whittled down the ones that I use now to a nice handful of websites. I like to ensure that I am getting a good payment versus the time that I have to invest. Prolific Academic is one of my favourite survey websites as it allows you to earn more than £5 per hour for giving your opinion. This is great, and many of the fees on offer are higher than other survey companies can offer.

I’ve been using Prolific Academic for a couple of years now. I’m quite the fan of their surveys and I have even included them in my The Money Shed Survey Bible.

Prolific Academic pride themselves on the fact that they offer remuneration that allows you to earn more than £5 per hour for giving your opinion. This is absolutely fantastic. Some surveys are significantly faster than one hour, so naturally they pay less than £5. However, other surveys on offer have paid me MORE than £5 per hour. I have had a few surveys that paid £10 for less than 15 minutes of work.

Academics use Prolific Academic to allow themselves to gather information from genuine people. Prolific Academic requires that you have a valid Facebook account or university email address. This helps to ensure that people completing surveys are genuine people.

Registration is quick, and free. Once you are signed up there are questions that you can complete, to provide more information about yourself. These questions are usually linked to surveys that are running at present or going to be running soon so it is important to answer these. I have completed some of these before and new surveys have opened up for me to complete straight away.

On average I have made £30-£50 per month on months where I have been completing surveys. This is just a few surveys per week and doesn’t represent a lot of hours spent completing surveys. Because these surveys are higher paying than those from other websites they tend to fill up fast. Here on TMS members love Prolific Academic so much that we have a dedicated thread for members to share details of new studies that have opened up. You can even set up an alert to ensure you don’t miss any new posts.

I absolutely love Prolific Academic. This is definitely one of the better paying websites. I’ve got another post coming later in the month that is going to talk about a few of my favourite websites. However, this one is one of the best for me. The surveys are fast, interesting and they pay a good rate too. I usually find that I can complete them faster than the quoted time – do watch out for test questions though that will make sure you are paying attention!