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TMS Money Making Bootcamp – Make and save money when you buy and sell gift cards

TMS Money Making Bootcamp - Make and save money when you buy and sell gift cards


Well Christmas is over. Just like that. Another Christmas has passed and the you might find yourself wondering what all the fuss was about. I hope that you had a lovely Christmas whatever you did! I spent lots of time with my family, got some nice presents and now I’m raring to go for this New Year!

Did you get a load of gift cards for Christmas? Personally I quite like gift cards. It is nice to browse in a shop specifically with the end goal of treating myself to something nice. I enjoy shopping when I am not going to have to spend money myself. However, you might not feel the same. Did you get gift cards for shops that you don’t even like? Perhaps you got a gift card for somewhere that you feel is really overpriced. Fear not. You can salvage something from this. With Zeek you can buy AND sell gift cards for a pretty good price! 

Typically on Zeek you can buy gift cards for discounts ranging from 5% up to around 20%, depending on the company. This is fantastic and there are gift cards, and vouchers, available for a wide range of companies. You can find everything from Supermarkets to Superdry on there! Some of the discounts that you can obtain are fantastic. Also, with the likes of TopCashBack and Quidco paying you cashback on your online purchases you can increase your savings even further. *Remember that cashback is not guaranteed so don’t base your purchases solely on promised rates*.

If you want to sell a gift card on Zeek the process is pretty straight forward. Firstly you will need to register with Zeek or sign in if you are already a member. After you have done this you click on sell, then you enter the brand of the gift card that you want to sell. You will then be asked to provide details of the gift card itself. Value, expiry date, serial number etc. You then upload a photograph of both sides of your gift card. Alternatively if you have a paper voucher you can mark this down too. Once you have listed your item you can set the discount that you want to offer. This can be from 8% – 92% and then there is a £3.20 fee. So if you have a £100 gift card, and sell for an 8% discount, you will receive £88.80. 94% of gift cards on Zeek are sold within ONE DAY! This is a fantastic statistic. Once you’ve sold your gift card all you need to do now is wait for your cash to arrive! The money will be transferred directly to your PayPal or bank account too, which is very convenient.

If you want to use Zeek to purchase a gift card then be sure to use my referral link. This will allow you to obtain a £5 reduction on your first purchase, when you spend £45 or more.

Zeek is a fantastic service and a great way to salvage receiving a gift card at Christmas that you just won’t lose. You can always treat yourself with the money and show the gift provider what you bought with their gift card!

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